July 21, 2024

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Victor Verhulst interviews Sarah: “Love at first sight”

Victor Verhulst interviews Sarah: “Love at first sight”

Victor Verhulst and Sarah Putemans

“I had looked carefully at Sarah’s Instagram profile beforehand and was already expecting a beautiful lady, but when I got to that beach… how she got down those steps… it really blew me away. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” says Verhulst.

It was also love at first sight for Buteman. “I strongly believe that. Mainly because I wasn’t looking four years ago. I don’t open up easily, and I don’t fall in love easily. But sometimes someone comes into your life at a certain time and suddenly everything changes advertisement. Four years later, she is still working in a hotel. “Vic is my best friend. We enjoy the stupidest things, but I can also cry with him and have deep conversations together. We also match in terms of personality. Vic stays very calm when something goes wrong, and he can quickly put things right and calm me down. We really bond.” each other.”

little things

Although their first date was in Saint-Tropez and the couple vacations there two to four times a year, their relationship is not only Glamorous. Verhulst: “If the outside world thinks we shoot each other all the time, then I have to disappoint them. We have a beautiful life. We go to beautiful hotels, we take beautiful trips. We are lucky, it’s true. But we also – and especially – enjoy the small and simple things.” I fall asleep after the show and when I wake up, Sarah and Joey crawl into bed with me: that’s really happy.

The couple confirms that they rented their house in Antwerp themselves, despite their parents’ wealth. “In the meantime, we are saving for our dream home by working hard ourselves.”

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Victor also has good news for fans Verholstjes: Putemans “The Bright Look” comes in season six of the reality series. “We always said we wouldn’t rule out Sarah coming in, but we didn’t want to force it. But today feels like a good time, we’ve been together for four years and we’re a very strong couple.

Can’t wait for the new season? Verhulst has also recently begun posting videos about his life on his own YouTube series Victor.

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