February 9, 2023

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Viewers of the new program "Million Dollar Island" are angry after seeing the final: "This ending is worthless" |  Television

Viewers of the new program “Million Dollar Island” are angry after seeing the final: “This ending is worthless” | Television

It was previously reported that a total of €1 million will be distributed to participants who will survive for two months on an uninhabited island. So the program has been described as a combination of “The Hunger Games”, “Squid Game” and “Expedition Robinson”. However, the three finalists returned home with €170,000. They got their money by playing a game of chance similar to the well-known TV show “Who Will Be a Millionaire in Europe?”

“He says! 17 percent pay out of a million. What a cheap intent for SBS 6 and Talpa,” one tweeted, for example. It was said in advance that one million euros would be spent. Now it seems that the full amount will not be taken out,” another writes. And: “So I don’t know how long you sit on an island to win a million, and it turns out in the final that you can write that on your stomach. Who cares about this next year? “

The program started with a total of 100 candidates. They all had $10,000 worth of wristbands. Playing games allowed them to win and lose bars. The people who surrendered had to hand over their bracelet to a stray person of their choice.

At the beginning of March, it was announced that Talpa had already sold the program, presented by Dennis van der Geest, to the United States before its first broadcast. The program, created by John de Mol, will soon be shown on the American television channel NBC.

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