November 29, 2023

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'Virgin Pregnancy' Takes a Chance and Olga Layers Tests Without Pants (or So It Seems) in 'Smartest Human' |  The smartest person in the world

‘Virgin Pregnancy’ Takes a Chance and Olga Layers Tests Without Pants (or So It Seems) in ‘Smartest Human’ | The smartest person in the world

TelevisionShe already had a victory for Bart Kanerts and Michel Cuvilier, but at the start of her third turn, Olga Layers seemed to forget to wear pants or another wardrobe item. There were mostly bare legs that could be seen. Jury member Gilles de Peul immediately noticed. It sounded like, “I think it’s dangerous for Olga not to wear pants.” Which of course was not. But Olga also didn’t make it with the (short) pants this time around.

She just wanted to preserve the family’s honor. When she made it right away at her first engagement and Bart Kanerts saw his record blown up his nose, “De Allerslimste Mens” was just “fun”, fun, entertaining, and “girl power” for Olga Leyers. And she had to surrender in the final to her friend, Danira Buhcres, “a girl with a mission”: to become the smartest human being. And nothing less.

By the way, a beautiful task, to become “the smartest human being”. Whether it is a reasonable task is another matter. Since then Danira has survived five episodes. Two consecutive victories, won three finals. In her first participation, she met competitor Geert Mayvrot in the final. Obviously he was more than satisfied with his three entries and suddenly he knew very little to say about Erasmus in the final. It was the second final for Danira A killing field For discount Gilles de Coster. “I had absolutely no chance,” he said. And now Danira was sitting in front of the completely relaxed Olga Layers. He had already crawled through the eye of the needle twice (just think of Sally Rooney and Cruijff) and wanted to do that movement again. It could have been better: the keywords spy, scout, deminer, sergeant and lieutenant weren’t really that hard to assign to Stratego (lower rank) pawns. However, it did not work. That played Danira calmly and mercilessly. “I won’t cry,” the girl explained, in 2016, played Chris Waters at home after 11 engagements and then cried tears of disappointment.

So Danira is in victory mode. However, she could no longer become a better player. This is and still is Bart Kanerts. You may soon become the second best candidate for “Allerslimste Mens”. So make sure that always the interesting place, you can warm up one episode first, and then, if you survive, you’ll play at the grand finale. If Danira continues to cross, Bart will have to be very careful.

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Then it was the debut of Riad Bahri, who was also described as “the cutest journalist in VRT”. And always with the tip of his tongue between his teeth when he has to laugh. You can laugh at him because he laughs at himself. On his first visit to “De Slimste Mens” in 2020, we already learned that he actually had some venereal diseases. We now know he is free of syphilis. good to know…

The evil and hilarious duo of the jury, Sven de Liger and Gilly de Paul, apparently had a hard time with Riad. Which led to a lot of funny moments. You can also laugh between violent events in the test.

best quotes

Riad (describing his feelings): “I feel like a virgin sheep on my way to the slaughter to be ritually slaughtered without these two beautiful singers hitting me right here by my side.”

Riad (reason for his participation): “I’m laughing to have fun. But this is going to be difficult tonight.”

Riad (on Marsa Hut Journal): “Sometimes I come home and ask myself what I’ve been saying for half an hour. But the viewer might have that too.”

Eric (to Riyad on Danira and Olga): “You’re playing against the killers of Bart Kanerts.”

De Beule (saying what everyone’s thinking): “I think it’s pretty audacious that Olga doesn’t wear any pants.”

Danira (after Riyad’s talk about “defecating”): “This is the newspaper’s announcer.” To which de Liger replied: “Correction: wax.”

(Read more below the video.)

fun moments

The professional jury continues to debate how much Eric Van Lowe actually earns (after Danira praised Eric). “You have to be able to do that, read things off the cards, and get a lot of money for it,” says De Beule. “He does it for two months at a time and has to wait the rest of the year,” de Liger said.

The professional jury and Daenerys laugh at the possibility that Eric Van Lowe might one day perform “Het Journaal.” This is followed by recognizable sentences such as “It happened,” “That’s not on my card,” “God damn” company and a contagious laugh.

The practical exam was and still is a nightmare for the candidates. But they do everything for ten seconds. As well as a poor acting performance like Bart de Wever.

Transformation moments

For almost the first time, some seriousness is fired in ‘3-6-9’ and Van Looy is allowed to take a beating.

“Open Door” weak round of candidates. Also in “The Riddle” the Riad stays on the sucker. Danira and Olga score a lot and quickly.

Riyad gets a very simple question about the picture and quickly scores as many points as possible. Danira has to recognize the flags in the Rubik’s Cube and does not. It scores zero. “I think this is a stupid tour. I think everything is stupid,” is her reaction. Suddenly I looked at a huge flaw.

In the movie decider, all of the candidates score well, but Riad gets an extra 100 seconds. In the last clip, Riad inadvertently decided Olga’s fate. He stops after three correct answers, because he is sure to win. Olga found a fourth answer about K3 and Eurosong, but Danira scored the last answer and got 50 seconds at the end. This will be decisive in the final.

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In the end, an easy question about Stratego seals Olga’s fate. Walked out after three entries and nowhere in recent weeks.

(Read more below the video.)

Final score (for the final match)

2. Danira Buchris 371 seconds.

The result

1. Bart Kanerts 17 entries 9 wins 7 finals won 1 final lost

2. Daniera Boukhris 5 entries 2 wins 3 finals

3. Jonas Gernert 5 entries 2 wins 2 finals won 1 lost final

4. Liesbeth Van Impe 4 Entries 3 Win 1 Lost Final

5. Delphine Lecompte 4 entries 2 wins 1 final won 1 final lost

6. Jelle Cleymans 4 entries 2 wins 1 final won 1 final lost

7. Lotte Vanwezemael 3 posts 1 win 1 final won 1 final lost

8. Gilles Van Boyle 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

9. Eva De Roo 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

10. Olga Laers 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

11. Michel Cuvier lost 1 entry 1 final

12. Riad Bahri 1 entry 1 win


2 entries, 1 win

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