December 2, 2022

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Visiting Paddington for tea with Queen Elizabeth II moves the world

Visiting Paddington for tea with Queen Elizabeth II moves the world

‘Yes please!’

The Queen and the Bear don’t drink tea because Paddington doesn’t. my king The pottery, with all its clumsy usefulness, almost fell from its paws and smashed the cake in passing.

Fortunately, they still have a sandwich with marmalade. Paddington keeps it in his hat for emergencies, and the Queen takes it out of her purse: “Before that later.”

The duet of the “Peruvian-born” bear and the disarming queen is moving the world, and according to several Twitter posts, the movie may surpass James Bond and the Queen’s stunning access to the 2012 Olympics.

The short clip It is a prelude to the grand anniversary party that took place in front of Buckingham Palace on Saturday night. The Queen and the Bear announce the opening themselves: with small spoons they press the seal and clap the teacups of the song we will Rock You Queen begins.

Moments later, on stage outside Buckingham Palace, the same British band opened a gig featuring the world’s top musician, musical royalty, from Quinn and Diana Ross to Elton John and Rod Stewart, both of whom have played for years. Sir put before their name.

The entire royal family is among the 22,000 spectators, with the exception of the Queen herself, who must attend the concert at home marking its 70th anniversary. There, she also listens to the speeches of her son, Prince Charles, and her grandson, Prince William.

On Thursday, the nearly 100-year-old queen made two more public appearances, but on Friday skipped church services because she felt “a little unwell”, and she also did not attend the Saturday morning Epsom Derby, the famous horse race where only four horses have played since 1952. It failed once.

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Celebrations for the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II began on Thursday and continued through Sunday. The Queen has held the British throne since February 6, 1952.