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Visma-Lease a Bike and Jonas Vingegaard laugh: “We took into account the loss of time”

Visma-Lease a Bike and Jonas Vingegaard laugh: “We took into account the loss of time”

It has been different in recent months: at Visma-Lease a Bike there are almost only smiling faces. Jonas Vingegaard has clung to Tadej Pogacar and his sporting director has seen nothing but positive signs.

He came under fire and in the second pass of San Luca Tadej Pogacar fired his first arrow. Jonas Vinjegaard reacted sharply and managed to completely neutralize the Slovenian.

“This is a great day for me,” the Dane replied after calming down. “Honestly, this was probably one of the days when I considered losing time.”

“Being able to catch Tadej is already a small victory for me. I am really satisfied that I finished the race at the same time.”

“Am I still thinking about my fall and my rehabilitation? When I touched the ground with my bike pedal during the turn, yes. No, it was not serious and I had no fear when landing.”

“But I didn’t know where I stood after training. That’s not a lie. It’s good to now be able to confirm my return. Hopefully it’ll be a good three weeks.”

Jonas was simply too good, even though this is Pogacar’s arena. We certainly fear wasting time. So we are satisfied.

Grisha Nierman, Visma-Lease a Bike Team Leader

Sports director Grisha Nierman also couldn’t hide his smile. “For us, this is about the best possible scenario: Pogacar will not release Jonas and no rewards are taken.”

“Jonas was very good, even though this is Pogacar’s land. We were definitely afraid of losing time. So we are satisfied.”

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“At the moment we see that he is in very good condition, but we still have three weeks left in the Tour. We have not done the preparation we wanted. It seems that everything will be fine and fine, but I repeat that the Tour is still going.” Three weeks later.”

So there’s still an unknown factor. “We hope Jonas will get better, but we don’t know. He’s very good, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do this.”

“But we can’t guarantee that it will still be the same in two weeks. We don’t consider ourselves rich and we don’t drink champagne because we won the Tour.”

Tour of France World Ranking


Tour of France

Riding date Start – End Ride type the total winner leader


29/06 Florence – Rimini

206 km

romain bardet


30/06 Cesenatico – Bologna

199.2 km

Tadej Pogacar


01/07 Piacenza – Turin

230.8 km


02/07 Pinerolo – Valloire

139.6 km


03/07 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – Saint-Volpas

177.4 km


04/07 Macon – Dijon

163.5 km


05/07 Nuits Saint-Georges – Geoffrey Chambertin

25.3 km


06/07 Semur-en-Auxois – Colombie Les Deux Eglises

183.4 km


07/07 Troy – Troy

199 km

Rest day 08/07


09/07 Orleans – Saint Amand Montrond

187.3 km


10/07 Évaux-les-Bains – Le Liorant

211 km


11/07 Aurillac – Villeneuve-sur-Lotte

203.6 km


12/07 Again – Bao

165.3 km


13/07 Bao – no dadet

151.9 km


14/07 Loudenvielle – Plateau de Belle

197.7 km

Rest day 15/07


16/07 Groissan – Nim

188.6 km


17/07 Saint Paul Trois Chateau – Superdévoluy

177.8 km


18/07 Gap – Barcelonet

179.5 km


19/07 Embrun – Isola 2000

144.6 km


20/07 Nice – Col de la Coyole

132.8 km


07/21 Monaco – Nice

33.7 km

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