January 29, 2023

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Viva Sales: Meeting CRM, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365

Viva Sales: Meeting CRM, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365

Microsoft is giving sellers a new tool: Viva Sales. As of October 3, all updates will be publicly available.

exactly like Microsoft Viva There is also a luxury aspect to the entire platform in Viva Sales. However, since the focus is really on the sellers, there are more options. The platform complements the possibilities with a customer relationship management (CRM) system and integrates it into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

In other words, Microsoft promises to deliver all aspects a vendor needs in one central place. The introduction of manual CRM updates is also a thing of the past. This saves time on the digital side and gives sellers time to actually connect with customers again.

An outsider in the CRM market?

The capabilities should allow the sellers to complete the transaction from start to finish. This wasn’t previously possible in Teams or other Microsoft 365 products, forcing sales companies to use a platform from another provider. Popular in seller’s market sales force.

Is Microsoft now coming to steal customers from the CRM specialist platform? This does not appear to be the case. Viva Sales is integrated into both Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM. The arrival of a major tech giant to the market is not a good thing for other CRM solution providers.

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What Viva Sales promises to provide is time saving solutions. It does this through automation: CRM data is automatically populated from Teams and Outlook information. Outlook emails can be uploaded directly to CRM, including Salesforce CRM.

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Source: Microsoft

Colleagues can also view these contacts in Teams and Outlook. This helps sellers quickly get the right contact details.

Source: Microsoft

Another useful tool you can use when setting up a video meeting with a client. Using AI, Sales Conversations Intelligence (SCI) will then summarize the conversation, as well as explore customer sentiment and recommend follow-up conversations.

Source: Microsoft

to cooperate

Finally, there is an opportunity to share ideas from newly arrived deals, but also from customers who have left. There Microsoft once again shows that Viva Sales has a relationship with Microsoft Viva. On that platform, it’s a lot about communication between colleagues, but also between colleagues and business leaders.

Collaboration with Seismic is in line with this strategy. The Seismic Empowerment Cloud will collect insights from Viva Sales to generate recommendations and training for sellers.

Viva sales will be generally available on October 3. You can learn more about the platform over here look for it.