December 8, 2022

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Volkswagen reveals the identification number of the electric truck. Buzz – image and sound – news

Volkswagen unveiled its new electric car on Wednesday: the identity. buzz. The truck is a “modern interpretation of the classic Volkswagen T1”. The car will be launched in September. Volkswagen has not yet announced a price.

Personal investigation. Buzz is available as a passenger car or truck. The passenger car version fits five passengers. In addition, there is still room on board for 1121 liters of luggage. With the second row of seats folded, the maximum load capacity is 2,205 liters. Maximum variable truck load size, id. Buzz Cargo, over 3900 liters. In addition, its payload is 650 kg.

Personal investigation. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo is based on Volkswagen’s modular MEB platform. The car has a 77 kW battery, which is charged at an 11 kW charging station, and a 150 kW electric motor. Personal investigation. Buzz can fast charging with a maximum charging power of 170 kW, Volkswagen says† The truck’s top speed is 145 km/h. The range is not officially known yet, but According to Autocar 400 km.

The truck will get the latest version of Travel Assist. ID allowed. Autonomous driving pulse partly using ‘swarm data’. This means that the vehicle receives traffic information from vehicles that are also using Travel Assist. If such a swarm of data were available, the functionality would need “a single, recognizable lane limit to keep the vehicle in the lane, for example on unmarked country roads,” Volkswagen reports. He also has the identifier. Buzz about the Car2X driving assistant, which warns pedestrians on the road, among other things, and the Trained Park Assist function, which automatically helps park the car on a previously saved route.

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The car is available in seven colours. Identity design. The Buzz is a tribute to the Volkswagen T1, which was produced between 1950 and 1967. Volkswagen ID. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo can be ordered in the Netherlands from May. The Tweakers were already able to take a test drive with the . in february A prototype identifier. buzz

Update, 21.09: In an earlier version of this article, a range of 600 km was mentioned by ID. buzz. However, it turns out that this is based on a prototype of the car. This is the reason for amending the article.