February 9, 2023

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Vooruit continues to advance, Vlaams Belang and N-VA struggle to lead

Vooruit continues to advance, Vlaams Belang and N-VA struggle to lead

Flemish Socialists got 16.8% in the new poll. This would be the best result in years for Vooruit. Even if we take into account the 3.1 percent margin of error in Flanders, the Socialists have made significant progress since the 2019 elections (10.8 percent). This is unprecedented for Koner Russo’s party, which is increasingly allowed to look up and have the two biggest parties on the horizon.

At the top, N-VA and Vlaams Belang continue to fight for market leadership, despite significant volatility. Compared to the previous poll, both lost ground: N-VA then won 24.4% (compared to 25.5% in the election) and Vlaams Belang 22.6% (18.7% in the previous election).

Open Vld (11.1 percent) and cd&v (9.9 percent) are jumping. Both parties continue to court the symbolic 10 per cent limit. The fact that the Christian Democrats are now passing through for the first time proves the amount of work that Sami Mahdi as the new CD&V chairperson awaits.

The most popular

In the list of the most popular politicians, little has changed in Flanders. N-VA President Bart de Wever (16 percent) remains the most popular, followed by Conner Russo (15 percent) and Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (11 percent).

Even more remarkable is that French-speaking Belgium has a new popularity for the Pope. This is Raoul Hedibo, Chairman of the PVDA/PTB Board of Directors. At least 16 percent of Walloons say they vote for communism. Sophie Villemes (MR) is the second most popular politician (14 per cent), followed by Prime Minister de Croo (13 per cent).

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