July 21, 2024

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Vorborgs Dagblad |  The municipality is making way for a sanctuary on Paviljoensgracht

Vorborgs Dagblad | The municipality is making way for a sanctuary on Paviljoensgracht

There will be a retreat in the town hall at Paviljoensgracht 18, where The Hague Amateur Arts Center was once located. Here, a group of initiators is given space to settle down, and establish activities based on solidarity, with as few rules as possible. The other half of the building is used as a cultural breeding ground. The building has an area of ​​approximately 1,100 square meters and is available for a long period.

Especially in a big city like The Hague, where there are many different people and jobs, the municipality believes that a shelter is also suitable. “A place where pioneering and innovative initiatives are created in an open and inclusive way. In a place where there are no detailed rules and strict policies, surprising things can arise. These often provide enrichment on a social, artistic and sustainability level. Living together in harmony is also therefore a refuge “It is an addition to the city.”

However, space in The Hague is limited. This often makes it difficult to find a suitable space for this type of initiative. The council had previously promised the municipal council that it would make efforts to find a site for a shelter that could also be home to the De Samenscholen initiative. Due to redevelopment, Samenscholen can no longer remain in their old location on Betrijsstraat. In Paviljoensgracht, a retreat space will be provided for long-term settlement, within the possibilities of the building and the neighbourhood.

The building on Paviljoensgracht will first have to undergo maintenance work. It will then be handed over as the site of the sanctuary. The group that will hold the position is chosen through the so-called Didam procedure. The municipality hereby publicly declares that it intends to use the building as a sanctuary. Interested parties can then register. There are some selection criteria, including self-motivation (no top-down management), cross-functional (mix of, for example, cultural, social, business, environment and sustainability) and non-commercial (no overarching business interest).

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