June 3, 2023

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VRT Doesn't Play Guido Belcanto's New Song: 'I Dare To Suspect It's Because Of The Text'

VRT Doesn’t Play Guido Belcanto’s New Song: ‘I Dare To Suspect It’s Because Of The Text’

“I’m convinced my new number is the best I’ve ever made,” says singer Guido Belcanto. In the twists and turns of my mindThe album was released in October. But his new song, “Happiness for a Short-Lived Man”, cannot be heard on VRT radio stations. I mentioned it Antwerp newspaper End of this week.

“The reasons are vague to me, but I dare suspect the reason is the text,” Belcanto says. Morning† After all, “Happiness for a short-lived man”, a duet with singer Petra Wilhelmina, about premature ejaculation. “There is new wisdom,” Belcanto says. “Ten years ago this wasn’t a problem, but now as an artist you have to be careful: you have to be careful what you say.” Belcanto does not. “There are already enough brave and noncommittal artists out there.”

VRT denies that the song cannot be heard due to the lyrics. “We reviewed it again with the playlist creators, but there is no specific reason why a song should not be chosen. A song disapproval for its lyrics does not happen unless its lyrics incite hatred. This number is simply not masked.”


Belcanto sees it as “unfortunate”, but stresses that he does not want to riot out of it. “Radio people can shape their radio politics with their own tastes and visions. If I don’t agree with that, so be it. I notice that radio workers and journalists find it hard to identify with myself. There is no box or stream that suits me. I think that’s fine too. the norms or rules that apply at any time.”

The singer doubts that record sales would be much higher if it were played on the radio. “But I don’t lose sleep because of it, because of my commercial career. Now I’m playing again, and the halls are packed. It’s good to know you don’t depend on the audience. Seeing my fans again was so moving. And the performance is what I’m in the world for.”

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