January 28, 2023

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“Wake up too much” and the M&Ms should disappear temporarily

For conservative America, talking sweets are too awake.© AB

Candy maker Mars is temporarily discontinuing the candy figures that have promoted M&Ms for decades. Minimal changes in figures, like different shoes, led to sharp criticism from the American right, which – in their view – fights against everything that “raised”.

Steven DeBaughSource: Belga

“America, let’s talk. Over the past year, we’ve made some changes to our beloved talking candies. We didn’t think it would stand out. We fully expected the internet to explode. But we get it, even candy’s footwear can already be polarizing. That was the last thing we wanted, because M&M wanted nothing more than to bring people together.

With the announcement, candy company Mars temporarily suspended the use of talking candies — the cartoon-like figures it has promoted since the 1960s. The conservative critique was forced, as it resonated across America.

The criticism is that shoes that are too flat, too feminine.© M&Ms

The first wave of protest came early last year in response to new looks for the two female characters in the M&M universe, Green and Brown. One figure wore boots for years, the other stilettos. The designers wanted to be kind to both men and gave them new footwear that made walking a little more comfortable. Gone are the boots, replaced by sneakers. And ditch the high heels. This can be done with slightly wider heels. At least that’s what the candy giant’s offices thought.

But they don’t take into account the all-seeing vision of Tucker Carlson, one of the stars of conservative Fox News. In his show he lashed out against change. She aims to define the figures. “M&Ms aren’t satisfied until the cartoon characters are completely genderless. Until the moment you never want to drink with any of them again. That is the goal,” he said.

At first I laughed, but it didn’t help

Carlson’s first wave of attacks passed quickly, and was largely laughed off. But he launched a second attack, with Mars adding more figures and introducing a new purple figure that would literally represent inclusion. That’s when conservative America really went to a screeching halt. M&M bags in particular were released with only feminine colors. This led Carlson to rail against the “wokeness” of talking sweets in recent days. The Internet followed suit.

Maya turns Rudolph talking candies.© EPA-EFE

Mars announced on Monday that it would be temporarily suspended. Actress Maya Rudolph will be promoted from now on.

But is Mars really folded? The American media took into account that Mars’ decision was not a surrender, but a convenient business move. In mid-February, Mars will release a promotional video for the American Super Bowl, when all of America will be sitting in front of their televisions. They are already sure that everyone will be eagerly waiting for that ad.

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