October 1, 2022

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Wallonia's first Fastned charging station arrives at E25 in Luxembourg |  interior

Wallonia’s first Fastned charging station arrives at E25 in Luxembourg | interior

It will be the first charging station for electric cars that Dutch market leader Fastned wants to build in Wallonia along the E25 in Luxembourg. Belga learned this on the sidelines of the presentation of half-year figures. Fastned builds stunning yellow plants with a winged roof that generates solar energy. These charging stations are strategically chosen on busy traffic hubs, often on highways.

The Dutch company currently has thirteen fast-charging stations in Flanders, but the company also wants to set foot in Wallonia, mainly because customers moving from the Netherlands to destinations like France are not currently receiving service.

desert shipping

In northwestern France, Fastned has signed a deal to build eighteen charging stations along the Sanef Group routes. It looks like “most of these things will be delivered this year”.
“There is a loading desert in France,” says Chief Financial Officer Victor Van Dyck. “We are working hard to change that. We are working hard in Flanders, but there is still a lot to do in Wallonia.”

Thus, the first charging station in the province of Luxembourg is on the way, but the number of locations Fastned aspires to in Wallonia in the long term has not yet been announced. “The European Commission has stated that there should be fast-charging infrastructure every 25 kilometres,” says de Breuer. “You can add the highway mileage and color and divide by 25. We’d like a piece of that.”

Download trading volume 12 million euros

Fastned will present its semi-annual numbers on Thursday. The European express freight company saw its turnover increase by 188 percent to 12.6 million euros. This – despite higher electricity prices – is nearly three times what it was in the same period last year. The Dutch company is active in six countries, with 208 charging stations. In addition to the Netherlands, where it operates 136 stations, it operates 36 stations in Germany. It has 13 stations in Flanders, 12 in the UK, 9 in France and 2 in Switzerland.

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