January 31, 2023

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Walloon Parliament bans evictions between November and March |  interior

Walloon Parliament bans evictions between November and March | interior

On Wednesday, the Walloon Parliament unanimously approved a decree from the majority parties PS-MR-Ecolo banning evictions between November 22, 2022 and March 15, 2023. A ban on electricity and gas outages until the end of December was also unanimously approved.

These are the measures that are part of the support package announced by the Walloon government on September 7 to guide families through the energy crisis.

“This is a first step. Other steps will follow. We agree in Parliament that we must help people who are no longer able to pay their energy bills. That is why instead of a Friday of anger, we are setting up a Wednesday for solutions,” explained PS MP Laurent Devin.

“We are in an exceptional situation that also requires exceptional measures,” Jean-Paul Wahl, leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement faction, said of the ban on evictions. But the surgery must be temporary. “We cannot make this ban permanent so as not to place the burden of the crisis on one part of the population,” Wahl said.

On the opposition side, Li Inge lamented the lack of a general framework for dealing with the crisis in their eyes. The PTB party on the far left wanted to go further and put in place a permanent ban on evictions in the winter months. However, the parties also agreed to the current design.

Walloon Housing Minister Christophe Collignon (PS) summed up: “It was necessary to strike a fair balance between the landlord who had the right to his rent and the protection of the weakest in society.” “These extraordinary measures are at the core of what we want to do to protect our people,” Collignon said.

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