December 1, 2022

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Wanted star Tom Parker and his wife died holding his hand: I said 'Angels are coming for my dad' |  Famous

Wanted star Tom Parker and his wife died holding his hand: I said ‘Angels are coming for my dad’ | Famous

FamousKelsey, wife of wanted singer Tom Parker, who recently passed away at the age of 33, grabbed his hand as he died. Although heartbroken, it was a beautiful moment, but she could hardly bring herself to tell their young children that their father was gone. The widow still received support from the “sign” she received from her great love. Kelsey recounts the day in her first interview since the beloved boy band singer died in March of a brain tumor.

Tom spent the last week of his life in a London church, writes The Sun. On his last night, his wife crawled into bed with him. “Up until then it was romantic,” says Kelsey, who lay next to him for two hours. “Yes, we were at a shelter, but so was Tom. It never mattered where we were. He was always very romantic, loving and caring, and kissing the ground I walked on.”

Tom knew his end was near, but Kelsey could tell he didn’t give up. “I told him I’d be fine, the kids would be fine. I promised to teach them everything he taught me during our relationship. He said he knew we were fine, and he took off his wedding ring and put it on my finger.” Kelsey still wears it.

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Photo of Tom Parker at his funeral. © Getty Images

About a year and a half after his diagnosis, after thirty chemotherapy, thirty radiotherapy, and a few weeks in Spain for special treatment, the singer went on tour with his band. Then it quickly descended.

“The real ending happened very quickly, which was typical for Tom,” says Kelsey. “He wasn’t in any pain and we didn’t have to watch him suffer for weeks. It was like he had decided: I couldn’t subdue my loved ones anymore. I did the tour, I did whatever I wanted to do.”


When he died I closed his eyes and kissed him and said I loved him


The singer, among other things, raised money to fund cancer patients and thanks to his openness created a lot of interest in his illness. “As if he thought: It’s time for me to go now. That’s how I felt when it happened. I was with him. She was beautiful until the last minute. There was only love. There was so much love in that room, and it was just the two of us.” (. ..]When he died, I closed his eyes, kissed him and said I loved him. I said he was everything to me.”

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Members of The Wanted carry the coffin of Tom Parker and his wife on the right.

Members of The Wanted carry the coffin of Tom Parker and his wife on the right. © Getty Images

sign from above

Once out, she sat on a bench crying. “I looked up and a feather fell from the sky. Before Tom died, I asked him if he would give me signs every day, and he said yes. I knew right away that was him. I kept that feather.”

Then she had to tell their children Aurelia (2) and Buddy (1,5). “The day I went to see Tom in the hospice, I said to Aurelia, ‘I want to make sure Dad is okay and the angels come to get him. “We’ve been very honest with the kids because you have to be.”

She couldn’t get over the death of Aurelia’s father. “I couldn’t speak, it was like I had something stuck in my throat. I couldn’t say it, but I knew I had to say those words to her, because she had to know.”

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Tom's funeral attracted a large audience.

Tom’s funeral attracted a large audience. © Getty Images

Although Tom saw his death coming, the positive singer did not plan his funeral. It finally happened at the end of April; His colleagues carried his coffin. “He would have loved the funeral. I don’t think he ever realized how many people he held in their hearts.”

Kelsey is now trying to be positive, though hard. “I’m trying to tell myself how lucky I am to find Tom, the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend. What Tom and I have, some people don’t find their whole lives to have. I still watch his own signs every day, because I know he’s with me and watching us all.”

Kelsey also shared a tribute to her lover on Instagram:


The Wanted, according to The Guardian, one of the most successful boy bands of its generation, has made several hits since its formation in 2009, including ‘Glad you come’, ‘Chasing the Sun’ and ‘Walks like Rihanna’. The group took a break in 2014 and was reunited last September for a concert hosted by Parker at London’s Royal Albert Hall to raise money for various cancer funds.

Before the ceremony, Parker said, “I don’t want to ignore the fact that I have cancer, but I don’t really want to pay attention to it. The more attention I give him, the more he controls your life, and I don’t want to.”

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