July 22, 2024

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Was this game from Nintendo Direct actually running on Switch 2?

Was this game from Nintendo Direct actually running on Switch 2?

The recent Nintendo Direct did not mention the Switch’s successor, just as it has already been noted. However, some fans believe the Switch 2 was secretly there. But is this also true?
As it took longer before actual images of Metroid Prime 4 were released, fans were increasingly starting to wonder if the game would still be released for Switch. During the recent Nintendo Direct, it was actually re-announced for the current Switch. But fans think they have a bad smell: Were the images we saw actually recorded with the Switch or Switch 2?

Not a unique question

This isn’t the first time a Switch game has been shown off, making fans suspect that new hardware is on the way. For example, some trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have sparked speculation about the Switch Pro. According to many, this game looked too good to be played on the original Switch.

But now it’s been over a year since that game’s release and there’s no Switch Pro. The Switch 2 may have been confirmed, but it hasn’t been revealed, let alone released yet. Even the actual name of the system is not yet known. So fan suspicions that the games work on Switch 2 should be taken with caution, to say the least.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond No wonder

It can be said that Metroid Prime 4: Beyond actually looks very beautiful, but is it really unrealistically beautiful for the Switch? This is debatable: there are ways in which the game looks a little nicer than what you might be used to from Switch games. The lighting and some effects give the game a completely different look than Zelda, Mario, or Kirby.

But it could also mean we’re not used to a Switch game looking like this. There are many games that are colorful and designed so that an almost realistic game quickly stands out. But just because you’re not used to it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

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Take Luigi’s Mansion 3 for example: this game also has very cool lighting. We can also watch Metroid Prime Remastered. This game doesn’t look quite as pretty as Prime 4, but that’s probably because there’s a 20-year-old GameCube game underneath. Prime 4’s visual upgrade feels very reasonable for a game built from the ground up for the Switch, without requiring loyalty to the GameCube game.

Experts don’t think so

Let’s also take a look at what experts are saying about the game. Technology experts at Digital Foundry have already examined the trailer and analyzed it in detail. The conclusion is that the game is definitely not very good for Switch.

Performance seems to be very similar to Metroid Prime RemasteredWhich means the resolution is 900p and the frame rate is a fairly constant 60fps. But this frame rate is not ideal and there are also visual blemishes. All signs point to Prime 4 being a “well-made Switch game,” says Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbeater IGN.

It’s also not surprising that the Switch’s late-game looks good without the need for better hardware. Seven years later, all the different developers who have worked with and for Nintendo have gained enough knowledge about the hardware to build up a good set of tricks with which to make games more beautiful.

A Nintendo Switch 2 version is not unlikely

Of course, all of this does not mean that the game will not be released on Switch 2. There is no date yet for Prime 4 and since Switch 2 is currently expected in early 2025, the game may appear when the console is already out. Then a version for both the current and next console is not excluded.

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But if there is a Switch 2 version of the game, it seems unlikely that we’ll see it in Direct. This can only be good news if there’s a Switch 2 version. Because if the Switch version makes you think it runs on better hardware, that bodes well for what Metroid Prime 4 will look like when it actually hits Switch 2.