February 1, 2023

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Wastewater from the Chinese plane tests slightly positive for Corona

Wastewater from the first plane that landed in Zaventem from China on Saturday tested slightly positive for Corona. Leuven Riga Institute reported this to Bielga on Saturday. The institute will now try to determine what kind of corona it is, but due to the lack of water in the stool, this seems to be difficult.

The sample examined on Saturday was thinner than the researchers expected, explains Elke Wollants, director of the laboratory at the Rega Institute. We wanted thicker material, an actual stool sample. Now it was mainly water with some dirt in it, which we thought we wouldn’t find anything in. The fact that the sample was nonetheless positive, means that some of the people on board had contracted the coronavirus. The sample also tested negative for RSV and influenza.

The next step in the research is to find out what kind of halo it is, but this is also made more difficult by the thinner steel. “We’ll see if anything pops up. Anything that isn’t omicron is worrisome, because that would be new here,” Wollants says.

Wollants does not know why steel was not of the desired nature. However, the service taking the sample has been asked to improve on this in the future. “We have to watch,” Wollants concludes. It is very likely that it is nothing, but then we can reassure the population.

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