February 1, 2023

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Watch the young men at 1.30 pm: “5 contenders for the Belgian title” | BK Cyclo Cross 2023

Lokeren is today the battleground for BK cyclocross. At 13.45 it is the turn of the little men. The title fight can be watched live on One and on this page. Broadcast starts at 13:30.

  1. It’s 11:00. Corsus: “You’re working on Mont Henri.” Favorite Jordi Corsus would like to succeed himself as Belgian champion. “But it’s going to be tough, because we’re with five contenders. I’m thinking of Seppi van den Boer, Victor Vandenberghe and Weiss Noyens, among others.” Mont Henri becomes the executioner. “The track is greasy and slippery over there. We have to walk over there,” Kors predicts. .
  2. It’s 11 a.m. 11. Corsus: “The course feels greasy and slippery.”

    Chorus: “The period is greasy and slippery”

  3. 11 hours. Top favorite Jordi Corsos: “There are 5 contenders today.”

    Best Favorite Geordie Corsus: “There are 5 contenders today”

  4. 10:17 a.m. Those who want to become Belgian champions must pass the Yordi Corsus. National coach Sven Vanthornhout.
  5. 10 a.m. 14. Corsus’ favorite, challenger van den Boer. In the men’s juniors, reigning champion Jordi Korsos is the man to beat. “Nationally, he usually takes the lead. Internationally, Jordi is one of the top 3 players,” says national team coach Sven Vanthornhout. Corsus’ biggest challenge is listening to the name Seppe Van den Boer. “Over the Christmas period, he booked some amazing, amazing wins. If he drops Corse Stitch, Sippy can capitalize on that,” says the national team coach. The other medal contenders are Victor Vandenberg and Wies Nuyens. The latter is not the son of former rider Nick Noyens, but the kind of Tony Billard of Heat Island. .
  6. 10 13 o’clock.
  7. 10 am 12.
  8. 10 am 12.
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