October 3, 2022

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Watrine with Brazil to the final, Christian dazzles and Broders misses in the pole vault final |  European Athletics Championships

Watrine with Brazil to the final, Christian dazzles and Broders misses in the pole vault final | European Athletics Championships

The European Championships in Athletics is now in its fourth day. In the morning session, Julien Wattrin was the Belgian star with a Belgian record. Eliot impressed Christian in the 800m series, which Thibault de Smet also struggled with. Delphine Nkansa and Imke Vervaet survived the 200-meter streak. The other Belgians were eliminated. That was disappointing, especially for the prostitute Ben Broders.

The Belgians on August 18
Eileen Dalmans 3000m blocker series 10’15” 73 (29, out)
Nafie Thiamy hept follow here
Norwegian Fedet hept follow here
Elliot Christian sets 800 m 1’47” 41 (8th, to HR)
Tipo de Smet sets 800 m 1’46” 48 (fourth, to HR)
Aurèle Vandeputte sets 800 m 1’48” 46 (30, out)
Ben Brothers Pole vault qualifications 5.50 m (outside)
Vanessa Schonet sets 800 m DNF (out)
Dries van Neuwenhof 400m hurdles semi-finals 51″ 14 (24, out)
Julian Waterrin 400m hurdles semi-finals 48″ 81 (third, to Fahrenheit)
Nina Hespel 400m hurdles semi-finals 59″ 15 (23, out)
Pauline Coquette 400m hurdles semi-finals 56″ 14 (13, out)
Han Claes 400m hurdles semi-finals 55″ 31 (9, out)
Robin Vanderbdene 200 m groups 20″ 90 (15, out)
Imke Vervaet 200 m groups 23″ 05 (fourth, to HR)
dolphin nekansa 200 m groups 23″ 08 (V, to HR)
8:05 PM Thomas Carmoy The ultimate high jump
8.35 pm Imke Vervaet 200m semi-finals
dolphin nekansa 200m semi-finals
9.05 pm Ismael Dabanic 1500m final
9.25 pm Lisa’s rooms 5000m final

  1. 13h 29. End of the morning session. At the conclusion of the morning extended session in Munich, we remember Julian Watrine’s strong performance in the 400m hurdles, with a place in the final and a Belgian record. Elliot Christian qualified in the 800m, and Thibaut de Smet also qualified for the semi-finals. There were also semi-finals for Emki Verfait and Delphine Nekansa in the 200 metres. All other Belgians were eliminated. However, Ben Broders had chances to get a medal in the pole vault, but he never made it out of the playoffs. In the 400-meter hurdles, the three Belgians were eliminated. .
  2. 13 hours 26. Fairfit equals the personal best and goes to the semi-finals.

    Fairfit equals the personal record and can qualify for the semi-finals

  3. 13 hours 24. Fairfit also into the semi-finals. Imke Vervaet splits the 200m well and eventually moves on to second, which takes her straight to the semi-finals. She also equals her best with 23:05.
  4. 1 pm 12. Nkansa: “I was counting during the race.”

    Nkansa: “I was counting during the race”

  5. 13:10. Nkansa rushes into the semi-finals with a great time.

    Nkansa advances to the semi-finals with a great time

  6. 13:00 07. Nkansa to the semi-finals. Delphine Nekansa is nearing her best in the 200 meters with a 23″ 08. She reached the semi-finals without any problems.
  7. It’s 12 noon 42.
  8. 12 p.m. 41. Official: Vanderbdene disqualified. In the other series they go very fast. Robin Vanderbdene already knows he won’t be in the semi-finals. .
  9. Twelve thirty-five. Brothers: “All the energy now goes to support Fimke and all the other Belgians.”

    Broders: “All the energy is now going to support Fimke and all the other Belgians”

  10. 12 noon 33. Things are not going well for the Belgians. Still some disappointments from the Belgian camp. Chris Mertens.
  11. 12 Hours 32. Vanderpampden runs to fifth in his series.

    Vanderpembden climbed to fifth in his series

  12. 12 noon 31. Vanderbden by thread. That seems to be the theme for the Belgians this morning: start strong and fade into part two. Robin Vanderbdene appears to be able to put himself in the top 3 of his series in the 200 metres, but he’s still fifth, at 20’90. “He only has a water chance to qualify for the semi-finals.”
  13. 12:30 p.m. Claes: “What a shame, I just missed the final.”

    Claes: “What a shame I just missed the final”

  14. 12 noon 25. Couckuyt: “I felt really bad.”

    Couckuyt: ‘I felt really bad’

  15. The time is 12:00. Claes is a short distance from a place in the final.

    Claes is just short of a place in the final

  16. 12 noon 15. Claes gambles and “loses”. Hanne Claes started like a cannonball in the 400m hurdles semi-finals. I ran even faster than the inaccessible Dutchman Fimk Paul. In the second part, of course, she had to pay for it. She finished fourth with a time of 55″ 31. That’s just a breath of fresh air from her personal best, but not enough to secure a place in the final.
  17. 12 noon 09. Couckuyt is sixth in her semi-finals.

    Couckuyt is sixth in her semi-finals

  18. It’s 12 noon 08. Couckuyt doesn’t work either. Pauline Coquette had to run blind in the semi-finals of the 400m hurdles at the outdoor track. She ran for a long time in first or second, but faced the man with the hammer. Sixth place in her race (56″ 14) wouldn’t be enough for the final.
  19. The time is 12:00. Broeders also failed to reach 5.65 meters at the third attempt.

    Broeders do not reach 5.65 meters even on the third attempt

  20. 12 noon 06. The brothers failed for the third time. The disappointment of Ben Broders, who missed for the third time over 5.65 metres. So it wasn’t final for him, while his medal chances were on a good day. .
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