May 30, 2023

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We don’t want to see our bodies reject the donated organ

Frederick D. Backer is a columnist.

Frederick D. Backer

There must have been a moment, perhaps even a short period, between the outbreak of the Industrial Revolution and today, when economics intertwined with man. The smallest part of the set, the space between two links in the chain that connected the slave to the galley, where there was still air to breathe.

Do not expect sympathy from the looms of the nineteenth century or in the sweatshops of today, where luck can be calculated when the penalty for fluff sticking to the fingers after a fifteen-hour day is dismissal. But you expect it here.

We never see ourselves as monsters because we don’t do monster things. We don’t butcher the meat on our plate, and we haven’t run into that kid who never did anything about the traffic situation. We just take a look, offer to deaf ears that it sucks, right, and allow what doesn’t bother us.

As the day was so advanced, things suddenly surfaced in the paper last weekend that normally wouldn’t venture so far from Boon’s work: ‘Aldi employee fired after twelve years service for eating €2.79 roll’, ‘Colruyt employee fired’ Because he eats two bananas “and because the fist is not hit with this category, the CEO of Carrefour demands lower wages in supermarkets.” Meanwhile, Delhaize continues to clatter, and damn rightly so.

Why is it never enough? What does this society miss that it is never satisfied, that it must always go on searching for something it does not have, or does not have enough? And if there isn’t enough money, is it money that you should keep chasing after? Why doesn’t anyone at the top see it?

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Why do we keep going along with the idea that constant competition is a good thing, and a price war is a positive thing? Can’t there be just five or ten, whatever number of supermarket chains there are, without having to keep fighting for their survival? Give them a guarantee that they won’t go to hell if they don’t get every penny out of their rolls, bananas, and staff?

This is absurd, crazy, and completely unhealthy. Isn’t this fun for anyone? If such a boss or CEO were to some degree moderate, he wouldn’t be able to get the slightest bit of satisfaction from it, right? And if not, why would he allow himself to be bound by that?

We don’t want to see our bodies reject the donated organ. We live in a society stuck in a fever dream. That this system should be, and simply could not be any other way.

I am not advocating extremes like communism or any comprehensive framework for that matter, at most to mitigate the extremes we have slipped into. Matt. I’m tired of being angry all the time. Banana rolls for God’s sake.

It must stop.

we can.