September 28, 2022

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Weekend newspaper renewal - NRC

Weekend newspaper renewal – NRC

You may have already noticed: Weekend Newspaper Norwegian Refugee Council He returned to his full strength after the summer, and even regenerated. The biggest change concerns the first section. That has always changed midway: up front, we responded to the current events of the past week and in the back we made room for interviews, reports and background, among other things.

The second part will have its own section: the weekend. This has many advantages. This way we better guide you through the newspaper, and the distinction is more clear: this addition to your weekly newspaper is now the place for background, in-depth, interviews, your own research, the best photography and stories that might have nothing to do with the news. But it can make the weekend more fun.

Meanwhile, the other sections—opinion, discussion, economics, science, and life—were renewed or rearranged (slightly). Sports are no longer at the back of the economics department; These stories find a place in the news and/or weekend section each week. Living on the weekend is now simply called live.

We are also introducing a few new sections. Starting today, every week in the Weekend section, you’ll find a contribution from one of our journalistic interpreters group members Folkert Jensma, Hanneke Chin-A-Fo, Bas Heijne and Martine Kamsma. We give you a weekly profile of someone in the news we wanted to know more about. And from now on you can also visit the Smibanese University of Specieskill, one of the most exciting innovators of social language at the moment, every week.

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Finally: in the weekend table of contents there is a sentence that you will find in this section, without saying where. You can make it a search game, accidentally come across the sentence while reading it – or simply note what it “does” when you find it out of context.