December 8, 2023

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Well-known musicians play alongside local talent at Vivid Sessions at P60

Well-known musicians play alongside local talent at Vivid Sessions at P60

amstelveen Isaac Bullock will be holding his live sessions for the first time on Wednesday, November 3 at Poppodium P60 in Amstelveen. Through the jam session, he wants to provide a platform where emerging local talents and well-known musicians can play and learn from each other. “The prestige of the musicians plays no role in this. It is about making music together.” The public is also welcome. Those who wish to participate are advised to register in advance to ensure they have a place on the stage.

Musician, singer-songwriter Isaac Bullock (1988) started Vivid Sessions ten years ago in his former hometown of Harlem. The concept became a hit within a few years and many famous artists like Jet Rebel, Level 42 members and Prince’s backing band worked on it. “They loved being able to play with musicians other than the usual band members,” Bullock says.

Learning by doing Last summer, Isaac moved from Harlem to Amstelveen and wants to see if that approach also works for the P60 in his new hometown. The first edition will take place in the evening of Wednesday, 3 November. “I want to share the stage with everyone and give people the opportunity to play what they want to play. I also learned to play music in concert sessions from other musicians: learning by doing. I also learn something new during each session.”

session band He invited some famous musicians to attend the Vivid Sessions at P60, who together form the core lineup of the session band. These are singer-actress musician Aisha Gill, drummer Emmanuel Avery, keyboardist Ruben Drenthe, guitarist Luis Drenthe and guitarist Vlado Spiyak. In addition to this, guitarist JT Teresa, percussionist Chris Cooley, beatboxer Jarno Ibarra, and flautist and piccolo player Marlis Barthes will also participate. “They are established artists who want to give back to young musicians,” says Isaac Bullock.

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Save space “We open the program with the bracelet, complete the program when necessary and ensure closure. We especially want to make space for talent. They decide what is played. Even musicians with little experience can participate. For example, if you can play a few chords, let’s see what You can do it with those strings.“We want to give people the space to do what they want to do,” Isaac explains.“Some talents are really ridiculously good and we want to give it an extra boost.”

no limits He plays a mixture of soul, jazz, funk and afrobeat with his band. “As long as it has a groove,” he says. “During a jam session, however, other types are also welcome, and there are no restrictions. You can also experiment with things. And mistakes are allowed, because you learn more from mistakes.”

sdirectors group Isaac Bullock is not only active in the P60 with Vivid Sessions, he also became a member of the Pop Stage board of directors last summer. “The P60 has a great board with a lot of knowledge and I would like to contribute to that. What I can contribute is my network with eight hundred musicians inside and out.” He believes it is especially important to connect people through music. “And I would like to do something to enable talent development.”

Best social song Isaac Bullock grew up in Uganda. At the age of twelve he fled to Holland with a friend of his father, who left him alone. After he stayed in a center for asylum seekers, he was fostered in a foster family. He began his musical career with a choir. At the age of 14, he taught himself how to play guitar using YouTube and continued his musical improvement by participating in jam sessions. He later became known as a singer/songwriter and often performed with a permanent band on the main stages such as Bevrijdingspop, Haarlem Jazz and More. In 2014, he wrote the song Liones for 3FM’s Serious Request about the power of sexually abused women. In 2000 he achieved worldwide success with the song One Meter Fif which he wrote with his girlfriend Marlice Baart. They won the ‘Best Song for Social Causes’ award in 2020 in the International Songwriting Contest. The jury included Dua Lipa and members of Coldplay and Tom Waits.

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Vivid Sessions begin on Wednesday, November 3 at 8pm. Free admission. Musicians who wish to participate can register via

To visit this offer, a Corona ticket is required (a QR code that can be found in the file CoronaCheckApp whether it can be printed).