January 31, 2023

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Westerlo takes first points away from home and wins after crazy start and final stage at Stade Charleroi

Westerlo takes first points away from home and wins after crazy start and final stage at Stade Charleroi

Westerlo scored points away from home for the first time this season. There were three on the spot after an exciting match at the Stade Charleroi.

Charleroi’s first goal was served on a silver platter two minutes later when Brian Reynolds played a poor pass to the feet of Dan Hymans. Bulat was out of his line but Seagers threw himself in front of the ball and thwarted the false start.

Westerlo never misses his start

After a minute she was on the other side. De Cuyper started dashing towards the center on the left wing and just when it looked like he was going to hit, did he see Reynolds break free into the penalty area. The American immediately corrected his mistake by kicking 0-1 into the goal across the crossbar.

A blow to Charleroi and it got worse a few minutes later when Foster started to climb up to the table. The striker waited for his teammates to join and then played De Kuiper. He didn’t hesitate and hit Kofi with a low cross shot.

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Charleroi out of nowhere

The host team didn’t know what kind of wood to make darts after the quick double lead and struggled to get up to speed in the match. Ten minutes before the end of the first half they managed to form an attack. Nkoba formed 1-2 on the right wing with Golizadeh and dropped the ball. Mpensa was poised to score his first goal of the season against the ropes.

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The game didn’t improve much in the second half. The home team missed some strength and urging forward, which led to the fans’ frustration. Charleroi had most of the ball, but it was hardly possible to get more than 20 meters in front of Polat’s goal.

crazy final stage

It seemed that the demon of this match wasn’t in the tail but in the head and then the final stage began… On a seemingly harmless cross, Seigers hit the ball with her leg, causing the skin to nearly spin into the goal. Westerlo seemed to slip away from a corner kick, but after a short corner kick the ball was passed to substitute Badji, who headed the ball 2-2 into the untenable goal.

Baji Youssef
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The hosts decided to keep pressing and maybe keep three more points at home and then Westerlo would be at their best. This time it was Fixelles who took the long run and played Nene. He decided not to kick himself but played with Kian Weisen and still gave Kemphanen 3 points over Mamburg.

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