December 8, 2023

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‘We’ve asked for comment from Buckingham Palace’: ‘Harry and Meghan’ manager furious at British royals |  Kings

‘We’ve asked for comment from Buckingham Palace’: ‘Harry and Meghan’ manager furious at British royals | Kings

KingsThe makers of “Harry and Meghan,” the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary series, are not happy with Buckingham Palace. They have tried to discredit the claims of Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) by saying that the decision-makers did not ask for a response. And that was the case, according to Liz Garbus, one of the decision-makers.

Liz Garbus spoke in plain language to Vanity Fair. According to her, they have contacted the royal family about the series. Buckingham Palace said we are not seeking comment from them. They did it to discredit us… And by defaming us, they are doing the same to the content of the series.” Garbus also admitted in the interview that her idea was to discuss racism and colonialism in “Harry and Meghan.” “What was really important to me was connecting the dots around these historical issues the biggest.”

A palace source previously confirmed that the royal family was not involved in the making of the series. Someone from Netflix replied that they had contacted communications for King Charles and Prince William in advance. They were reportedly given the opportunity to explicitly respond to Harry and Meghan’s statements. Communication agencies said that poor communication. They claimed that they received the email from a third-party production company, not Netflix itself. They then contacted Harry, Meghan, and the streaming service, with no success.

Garbus’ response follows a discussion that erupted shortly after the release of the documentary. At the beginning it appears: “Members of the royal family refused to comment on the content of the series.” In any case, a Buckingham Palace insider thinks he knows no member of the royal family will react to the couple’s recent revelations.

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