March 28, 2023

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We’ve been wearing turtlenecks wrong our whole lives. This is what Nina should be

Do you prefer to grab a turtleneck during these cold days? You’ve probably been wearing it wrong your whole life. The Internet teaches you how to do it: With this hack it looks sleeker and more elegant. “This changed my life.”

Whoever pulls a turtleneck out of their wardrobe better think twice this time around. Do you fold it twice? Is he crazy about the neck? Or do you just let it hang out casually?

The options are there, however Tiktokker Mary Orton found an entirely different approach. She claims in a video – with at least 3.6 million viewers – that we’ve been wearing a jacket wrong our whole lives. Fortunately she knows what to do.

This is the golden formula

“I don’t want to be the one to tell you this,” the American fashion and lifestyle blogger begins in the video. “But you’ve been wearing a turtleneck wrong your whole life.” Two years ago, Mary Orton pointed out the trick to her followers and since then the video has been widely shared and discussed. So it comes with an update.

“Don’t wear a turtleneck outside, but roll it in,” she explains. Advantages? It looks elegant and you don’t have that annoying edge. According to the influencer, this way you get a more elegant look.

Plus, it’s easier to wear jewelry on a jacket than roll it inside. There will be no mess. Another plus: you can easily choose the height of the turtleneck. Too high in cold weather or lower? That’s up to you.

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Not everyone is convinced

The video went viral and the response was very positive. It is not surprising, because most of us probably have a few turtleneck sweaters in the closet, because they are practical, soft and warm. Victoria Beckham and her black turtleneck, for example, are inseparable. You can wear it in all colors, under an oversized sweater or under body warmers. It also looks great under a trench coat.

“This hack saved my life, thank you,” it reads in the comments below the video. Another says: “You look more refined.” Although others are more important. The trick will be tickling or uncomfortable. Even if the blogger answers them. “I really don’t feel any difference,” she says. Will you give it a try?

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