November 30, 2022

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What applications are compatible with Android Auto...

What applications are compatible with Android Auto…

At present a automatic Not much shine, but above all contact. In recent years, there has also been less talk of the use of Onboard interfaces. In fact, users prefer to use files smart phone directly on the screens on the board cloning if she the favorite Ocean to be found with Preferences but also with Applications that they use all day long.

This phenomenon is so widespread that more and more manufacturers are developing their own products interfaces Abandoned and now its evolution and The operating system The jobs are assigned to… google browser, Just to label one.

Not all apps

Android Auto is only available for a few months on the Belgian Google Play Store.  But what (good) applications are compatible with this built-in interface?

Although it is very comfortable and also less dangerous is to be able to function in an environment that you know when you’re behind the wheel, right? Not everyone android apps Compatible with Android Auto, which restricts access to the platform for security and commercial reasons. so give Jokar a general look at Applications the harmonic I useful be.

1. Navigation

For navigation, display is available Android Auto So wide, because you google browser maps, wizz (owned by Google), but also American wolf – Coyote finds, as well as the latest Tom Tom Joe in a Cygic. In addition, for electric car users a map that reports everything charging points in Europe. Admittedly, the possibilities are limited in Android Auto, but the system still works excellent: You search for a nearby charging station and the app automatically suggests the best options, while the range can be scaled up in stages.

2. Messaging

It’s not very accurate, but it’s possible Communicate through Leadership With Android Auto. very famous messaging systems Like The WhatsApp, facebook messenger, cable, Signal From Hangouts Available, just like normal text messages. Note that for added safety, you Play of messages It can be played and it can also dictate. Of course, playing videos or viewing photos remains prohibited for obvious security reasons.

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3. Audio, radio, live broadcasting applications, etc.

Because of automatic also a place relaxation That should remain, Android Auto gives access to a whole host of music apps, podcasts, etc. Of course, great classics are available, such as – of course – google apps Music, spotify, Deezer youtube music From Amazon Music in a Pandora. This is really a good foundation.

to radio On the other hand, you can’t always go back to classic apps like RTBF, VRT, RTL, etc., and as always, you have to choose apps that are validated by Android Auto, like Tuneln, rain wave Slackerradio From MyTuner Radio Which provides access to channels all over the world.

for lovers Podcasts Or audiobooks, a genre that has become more and more popular lately, also has a choice audible in a, Stitcher From joe podcast From One podcast.

what will supported?

How do you know if a file is Request Become supported employment Android to me Is it available in your car? This is very basic. Just open a file Google Play Store Then Android Auto. The app provides a list of apps that users frequently choose, as well as a list of compatible apps.