February 5, 2023

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What do the Russians think of Belgium about the war?  Sanctions will not stop Putin

What do the Russians think of Belgium about the war? Sanctions will not stop Putin

Protests continued in Russia against Russian military operations in Ukraine. Can Putin count on the support of his people? “You can’t see the people who support him on the street,” says a Belgian with origins and family in Russia and Ukraine.

“Everyone I know in Russia is angry and shocked. We thought it was just a bully, a political game,” Daria Shcherbak testified. She was born 33 years ago in Russia and has been living in our country since 2014.

“We see the Russians protesting, but we don’t see anyone sitting at home and supporting Putin,” Igor Luchko said. He is 45 years old, has lived in Belgium since 1997 and has family in both countries.

But if you go out to Russia and have a sign that says “Not my bayonet”, the client will take you away after just a second. This way you won’t go a long way in your protest, Scherback argues. Many Russians want to do something for their Ukrainian friends, but are desperate. They don’t know what to do and what to do against Putin and his followers.”

Sherbak is participating in the protest in Brussels on Saturday alongside Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. “Maybe I won’t be able to go back to Russia after that, but I really want to help and show that not all Russians support Putin and his crazy ideas.”

“I don’t protest,” Luchko says. I don’t support war, but I don’t think protesting is the right way to express your opinion. There are more peaceful ways to do this.”

Russia defends its interests

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“My whole family is against the war, and so am I,” Luchko continues. The person in Ukraine now has to wait anxiously, and this is bad. But I understand that Russia is defending its interests. The state has long asked Ukraine to maintain its neutrality and not to extend the borders with NATO countries. The current government in Ukraine can only ask for money from Europe and let the situation escalate.

President Zelensky said this morning that he expects help from the US President. How will the United States save Ukraine from the chaos they created there? They are selling land. It touches me because I grew up there’, he adds.

Sanctions affect ordinary people

What then? I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can do anything against Putin. “He’s a totally insane guy with a lot of power,” Sherback says. Economic sanctions will not stop him. For Putin, the lives of ordinary people are not important.

Luchko also does not believe that economic sanctions are the response to Russian aggression. The sanctions imposed by the European Union and NATO are not the right response. History tells us that those sanctions work against both economies. Ordinary people feel it. We punish ourselves. And the fruit growers here demanded not so long ago “Back us Russia.”

‘Understood 2008 scenario in Georgia They repeat themselves ”, says Luchko. “In the end, there will be an agreement that works well for both sides, and here it ends. I hope he comes as soon as possible.”