July 21, 2024

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What graceful Flemish woman did we spot without textiles in Diestelbergen?

What graceful Flemish woman did we spot without textiles in Diestelbergen?

So pretty, so blonde, and so seductive with a smile.

This month we did not have baby P for the month. It looks like this: Right before the shoot, our resident photographer Philip Moorman ended up in the hospital. Fortunately, he is now on the mend again. However, we have a particularly fun girl next door this month. Sixty NuitsThe photographer we remember from the photo shoot this The magician of Antwerp, he told us he wants to collaborate with Gaëlle Baekelandt. She travels almost all of Europe in her van, but when she settled in Diestelbergen last week she had some time to pose in front of his lens.

Introduce yourself to our readers: Who are you?
“I’m Gael Baekelandt, I’m 31 years old, I’m a freelancer. My life’s motto? Creativity. Some might call me a ‘work hopper’, but for me everything fits perfectly into the same framework. I see my career as a brilliant adventure, with a solid foundation. I work As a model, I style photoshoots and sometimes provide training, because I’m used to being in front of the camera.

“I have also recently started organizing workshops for photographers, models and brands to create content. This is both here in Belgium and abroad.

Why did you choose to live in a mobile home?
“I work in design and fashion, where I regularly attend markets and organize events, both in Belgium and in our neighboring countries. So I’m almost always on the road. I used to book hotels to stay and find restaurants for meals, but one day my car was hit by a truck. Then I thought: Why not buy myself a van that I can sleep in when necessary? Since I was sleeping in my van more than I did at my house in West Flanders, I decided to stop renting and live in my van full time.

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What’s the craziest photoshoot you’ve ever done?
“I love a challenge. I remember an underwater photo shoot I did with Mike Stegmans, that was so crazy!”

On your Instagram, it says that you are also an actress?
“Yes, I also sometimes appear in commercials and videos, but I really have the ambition to do more in this regard. I am currently also taking acting lessons at AED Studios in Lint.

What’s still on your bucket list?
“My dream is to travel to South Africa in my truck and discover everything there is to know about recycling and jewelry making. I believe that we can work with different materials in a very creative way, and I would like to learn more in this field. And of course I want to capture everything on film and sometimes share it on my own.” InstagramThis would really be a dream.

You seem to be really very creative, too, in photos?
“That’s right, here you see me with jewelry I made myself. I’m a creator Jewelry recycling I also make clothes. I designed and made some of the shirts I wore during the shoot myself. And those gems too.”

Do you have company while you travel?
“Of course, my dog ​​Malu is always with me. She is now eight years old and I adopted her when she was just nine months old.