December 7, 2023

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What is "improved" in the new booster?  Pierre Kabel tells you.

What is “improved” in the new booster? Pierre Kabel tells you.

Café Weltschmerz offers a space for many experts and welcomes guests for some time to share their insights on a current topic with us. Various topics will be discussed in the Friends of Weltschmerz section, where, of course, alternative voices are also welcomed. We look forward to receiving your response at the end of the article.

Yesterday we shared an article titled “The Anti-Ownership Pandemic” by Peter Strowman (click here).

Today we share Pierre Capel’s video in which he explains what makes the new C-booster different from the previous one and how it was ‘lifted’. What exactly is in this booster?

Pierre Cappel is Professor Emeritus of Experimental Medicine, and a science enthusiast. He would like to make his knowledge available to the general public. His research mainly focuses on basic immune mechanisms as well as the practical development of new forms of cancer immunotherapy.

Earlier this month, Pierre Capel was a guest at the International Science Summit in association with Four Warhead, where he also opened a brochure on so-called vaccines and discussed this with Taylor Hodak. You can watch this broadcast See here again.

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