December 6, 2022

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What is the best cheap iPad of 2022?

What is the best cheap iPad of 2022?

Do you want a new iPad for everyday use, like surfing the web, reading, and playing games? Then it is not necessary to go for the most expensive tablet. But what is the best cheap iPad to pick in 2022?

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What iPads are there?

The iPad family consists of four different iPads. First of all, you have the iPad Pro, a tablet for the professional user. The iPad Pro 2022 It is very advanced, has a superior camera and the power of MacBook Pro. Very nice, but a bit for the “normal” user Exaggerate

Below that in the hierarchy are the iPad Air (11 inches) and iPad mini (8.3 inches). They have the same modern look as the more expensive Pro sibling, with a no-home button design. They are also (almost) just as powerful. However, Apple has made some concessions to make iPads more affordable. For example, it lacks a dual camera system and ProMotion technology.

But the cheapest iPad sold by Apple is the regular iPad. The latest version is the 9th generation iPad that the tech giant launched in September 2021. For most people, this is the best tablet you can buy from Apple. It’s not the most advanced, but it’s powerful enough for everyday tasks like browsing the web, Netflix, app, and more.

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iPad prices 2021

So the cheapest iPad sold by Apple is the 9th generation iPad. It is available from 389 euros. Exactly how much you pay depends on how much storage you choose, and whether you want a version with a cellular network (mobile internet).

These are the 2021 iPad prices that Apple is using:

  • iPad 2021 (64 GB, Wi-Fi): 389 euros
  • iPad 2021 (256 GB, Wi-Fi): 559 euros
  • iPad 2021 (64GB, cellular): €529
  • iPad 2021 (256 GB, cellular): €699

You can also buy an iPad outside of Apple. Tablets are often cheaper in online stores than the Apple Store. Do you want to know in which store the iPad 2021 is now the cheapest? look at me iPad price comparison 2021

Best cheap iPad of 2022

Want “just an iPad”, and don’t plan on using the tablet for graphics-intensive games, cinema-worthy movie editing, or massive Photoshop projects? Then the 9th generation iPad (from 2021) is the tablet with the best price-quality ratio.

The iPad 2021 It has an A13 Bionic chip, which we also know from the iPhone 11 (Pro). This processor is still powerful and can last for years to come. Apple Pencil support is also available.

iPad 2021

You can also go to the previous one: iPad 2020† It is slightly different from its successor. The main difference is that the 2021 iPad has a much better selfie camera: 12MP instead of 1.2MP. Very nice if you are using an iPad to make video calls. The 2020 iPad also has a one-year-older processor: the A12 Bionic.

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The Differences between iPad 2021 and iPad 2020 Small, but the price as well. Do you look at iPad price comparison 2020, then we see that the older tablet is five dozen cheaper at most. This makes the 2021 iPad worth its extra cost, if only because it will be provided with software updates for at least a year with its newer processor.

When will the new iPad 2022 come?

Almost every year Apple releases a new generation of regular iPads; It’s also likely in 2022. It’ll take a while for that successor to come: Apple is expected to release the tablet in September 2022. If you’re ready for a new iPad, now is the time to buy one.