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What support can you get as a landlord to actively renovate your rental home?  |  energy prices

What support can you get as a landlord to actively renovate your rental home? | energy prices

liviusLandlords will not be able to index their home rent in the next year if the property does not meet energy standards. What exactly are those criteria? And where can you as a landlord go if you want to make your rental home more energy efficient? Construction site Livios puts you on your way.

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Interfering with the indicators is one of the energy measures in the Flemish government’s package of measures. For example, rental properties bearing the non-energy EPC label of E and F may not be indexed for a year. For homes marked D, landlords are still allowed to charge half of the health index. So landlords are interested in upgrading their rental home to rating A, B or C, where restrictions do not apply.

Is your home sufficiently energy efficient? This is how you recognize a building that is not well insulated.

Support Metric “My Loan Renewal”

Owners can count on a number of support measures for such an energy-efficient renovation. For example, the Flemish government’s “My Renewal Loan” offers homeowners the opportunity to borrow up to €60,000 without interest. This also applies to private owners. Unlike resident owners, there is no income limit for them. However, there are conditions associated with it.

Landlords who work through a social rental agency must have a written promise of rent with the social rental office to rent the home. There are a few other terms of a traditional private rental. For example, the maximum monthly rent may not exceed 900 euros. For a number of municipalities – central cities – the maximum rent is 1,000 euros.

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Depending on the loan amount, landlords must also offer a monthly discount on rent for nine years: €20 (for a loan of up to €15,000), €40 (for a loan of up to €30,000), €60 (for a loan). up to 30 thousand euros). loan up to 45,000 euros) or 80 euros (for a loan up to 60 thousand euros). Read here the businesses you can apply for My Renewal Loan.

My Renewal Premium

The owner can also claim My renewal premium For renovation and energy saving works: roof insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, high-efficiency glazing, heat pump, solar boiler, heat pump boiler.

All work must be performed by a contractor and in some cases even by an approved contractor. Do-it-yourself construction is allowed only in the categories of interior renovation, electricity and sewage. Under certain conditions, the purchase of materials for work that you do yourself, in the categories of roof, exterior wall and floor, also qualifies for a premium.

If the home is rented through a social rental agency, you are always eligible for the highest premium amounts for all categories of business, regardless of your income as a landlord. Private owners in the target group with fixed premium amounts. The allowance is lower and consists of a fixed amount per square meter. Using the Mijn VerbouwPremie simulator on, you can check the premiums you can apply for and the premium amount you are entitled to.

What subsidies can you count on for renewal? Check it out in the featured link.

Lower energy bill? This is how you do it

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