July 19, 2024

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WhatsApp and Samsung Galaxy Watch FE update (Android News No. 24 2024)

WhatsApp and Samsung Galaxy Watch FE update (Android News No. 24 2024)

WhatsApp is getting some useful new features and Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy Watch FE. These are the top Android news of the week.

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Samsung announces the Galaxy Watch FE at a price of 219 euros

Official Samsung Galaxy Watch FE

The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE has been almost completely leaked in recent weeks and appeared on a Dutch webstore this week. Now the smart watch has been officially announced. The smartwatch is Samsung’s new budget option. The Galaxy Watch FE will be available in stores “this summer” for a suggested retail price of $1,000 219 euros.

The Galaxy Watch FE is available in one size (40 mm) and three colours: black, pink and light blue. The watch looks very similar to the popular Galaxy Watch 4 from 2021, both on the outside and on the inside, and the FE also has a 1.2-inch AMOLED display (396 x 396 pixels) and an aluminum casing.

→ Official Samsung Galaxy Watch FE

The new HBO Max app is now available for download: This one is different

The new HBO Max app

A while ago it became clear that HBO Max would be introducing a new app and now the time has come. When you open the old app, you’ll receive a message saying that you need the new app to use the streaming service. You’ll notice that the streaming service looks pretty similar.

There is a new sports section, where you can watch the Olympic Games and major cycling races, among other things. You need an additional subscription (so-called “add-on”) for this. It’s good to know that your billing information will remain the same and your viewing history, profiles, and viewing list will transfer over.

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→ Download the updated HBO Max app

“Google Pixel Watch 3 XL is coming: see the renders”

Leaked renders already reveal that Google will launch the Pixel Watch 3 later this year, but it doesn’t stop there. The search giant is also likely to introduce a larger smartwatch: the Pixel Watch 3 XL. As the name suggests, the Pixel Watch 3 XL has a larger display.

The screen will be 1.45 inches, while the regular Pixel Watch 3 will have a 1.2-inch screen. This reaches a size of 45 mm. According to the information, the Watch 3 XL is also slightly thicker, which allows a larger battery to be installed in the watch.

→ Check out Google Pixel Watch 3 XL deals

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is now at a huge discount + Galaxy Tab A9+

WhatsApp video calling just got better with these new features

WhatsApp on two smartphones

In addition to sending messages, emojis and photos, WhatsApp has had a (video) calling function for years. This makes it easy to connect to your contacts or groups. WhatsApp now has a number of great communication options for your phone and computer. You can now make video calls with up to 32 people, which was previously only possible with voice calls.

To prevent you from seeing 32 faces, the app puts the speaker in the spotlight. This means that whoever is speaking appears more on the screen. Finally, you can enjoy a Netflix series or YouTube video with the whole group, because now you can share your screen with audio. This way, everyone in the conversation is watching and listening.

→ Large group calls on WhatsApp and more

HTC is still alive: the U24 Pro is a mid-range product with a large screen

Official HTC U24 Pro phone

HTC was once a big name in the world of smartphones, but nowadays the manufacturer only releases a few new devices. It’s finally time again, because the HTC U24 Pro has been introduced. The phone has been improved in several aspects compared to its predecessor, the U23 Pro.

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For example, the processor used, Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, is two generations later and therefore much faster. It’s suitable for almost everything you do with your smartphone, except intense gaming. Multitasking is no problem thanks to the 12GB of RAM and with 256GB of storage space, most people can get through tasks well.

→ Officially announcing the HTC U24 Pro phone