September 29, 2023

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WhatsApp is working on the option to recover deleted chats

With WhatsApp, it is possible to delete chats. You might do this, for example, because you posted an embarrassing comment or made a weird misspelling. However, WhatsApp is now working on a way to recover deleted chats if you change your mind quickly.

When you delete a conversation, the recipient can’t read the message, but they’ll see that you’ve deleted the message. In some cases, this causes curiosity or even irritation. It seems to cause a lot of problems, because according to WABetaInfo WhatsApp is now working on the ability to recover deleted messages.

When you delete a message for yourself in WhatsApp beta, you will then see a popup asking if you want to undo the deletion. This option will only remain visible for a few seconds. Also, this option does not yet apply to messages that you delete for everyone.

In addition to the option to undelete a message, WhatsApp is also working on an option to change the sent message. In addition, it will be possible to send files with a maximum of 2 GB.

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