October 4, 2023

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Where is Messi’s future?  “He shouldn’t have money, he wants to win the Champions League again” |  League 1

Where is Messi’s future? “He shouldn’t have money, he wants to win the Champions League again” | League 1

Spain, Saudi Arabia or the United States? Now that Lionel Messi’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain has been confirmed, there are more rumors about the future of the Argentine superstar. Ligue 1 connoisseur Céric Jeffray weighs in Messi’s options.

Lionel Messi’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain had a big goal: to finally win the Champions League. But the Argentine world champion was also unable to fulfill the dream of the Qatari owners.

“It got through to the club and its supporters,” Jeffray says. He added, “They already had Mbappe and Neymar and expectations were very high with Messi’s arrival, but that hasn’t been followed through.”

Now that Messi has not extended his expiring contract and Neymar may go too, PSG appears to be facing a “big clean-up”, just like last summer. “Anyway, a lot of money will be released into the payroll block,” Jeffray says.

“It was a strange season for Paris Saint-Germain. Before the World Cup, they played with everyone at home and did not lose a match. After the World Cup, the team collapsed. The double confrontation against Bayern Munich in the Champions League was the highlight of the team’s decay.”

Messi will agree to a reduced salary, but Barcelona should still save more than €200m on his salary bill.

Siric Jeffray

The question now burning on everyone’s lips: Where will Messi go?

“Barcelona want him to come back, but is that possible? Messi will agree to a reduced salary, but Barcelona still have to save more than €200m from his salary bill in order to sign players.”

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“Returning to Barcelona will be difficult, but you never know. Yesterday a story came out that Messi would go to Inter Miami, David Beckham’s team, who would first loan him to Barcelona.”

The third option is Saudi Arabia, where they are trying to lure Messi with a billion dollar check. Jeffray asks, “Can he resist that?” “He doesn’t have to cash out anymore, he’s already been in 15 or 20 times.”

“His ultimate goal at PSG was to win the Champions League again. That remains his goal and he hopes he can do that at Barcelona with Xavi as coach and a new generation of players.”

Is Messi still good enough for a football hero at 36 years old? There is no doubt about that, says Sirik Jeffray. “His stats are still excellent. He’s the only player in the five major leagues with more than 20 goals and 20 assists.”

Concerto clap or whistle?

Messi has occasionally heard oboes from PSG supporters this season. Will he still see off Saturday in his final match in the Parisian recruitment?

“Anyway, the coach asked to clap loudly,” Jeffray says. “Galtier said Messi is the best player he has ever coached, and the best player in the world, so I hope he gets some respect.”

“It will be a strange match anyway. The second Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper has had an accident while riding and is in a coma. So it has already been decided that there will be no post-match party. So it will be a strange atmosphere, curious what that will achieve.”