December 7, 2023

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Whole NFT Museum for Sale

Whole NFT Museum for Sale

NFTs seem to be getting better every day, increasing their rise at lightning speed. The latest innovation comes to the digital collectibles market Originally from the art world: a complete digital museum in the form of NFT.

Hit Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL)Created by XR studio Delta Reality, is a standalone metaverse. The virtual museum contains 12 artworks within its digital limits at the time of its launch. This includes 2D images and videos, and 3D interactive objects and experiences. A team of artists and engineers came together to design the space. Therefore, MoDaL is a combination of technical and technological, in one virtual environment.

Photo: Delta Reality

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Art with potential

“Digital arts and NFTs have huge unexplored potential, so while creating MoDaL we wanted to demonstrate this by pushing the boundaries of both technology and artistic expression,” said Darian Skkarica, founder of Delta Reality. “Our goal was to show the scope of digital art. That’s why we set it up as an NFT for MoDaL, to make sure it takes a life of its own and grows with every change of hands.”

‘Growth’ stems from the core characteristic of MoDaL: it is an ever-evolving space, one that will be constantly expanded with new artwork, animations and environments.

At first glance, the museum is truly a digital sanctuary. There’s a simple, contemporary aesthetic, complemented by glowing woods, integrated gardens, and multi-coloured animation work – a far cry from the museums most of us are accustomed to.

When you buy the Museum, you get access to all project files, assets, and codes within the mod. The future owner will not be able to alter or complete the metaverse independently, but will be given the opportunity to do so with Delta Reality. A chain of cooperation will occur with each sale.

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Photo: Delta Reality

So what can you do inside? Well, the digital museum acts as a space that you can explore at will. You can also interact with other guests inside. Check out the charming museum below:

MoDaL for sale On the Delta Reality website.

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