January 28, 2023

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Why 2023 will only really start from tomorrow. Astrologer: “The planets will be active” | Nina

Those who believe in the power of the moon, stars and planets have a wonderful period ahead. Today is the beginning of the astronomical new year and tomorrow is the Chinese new year. This is why you’ll feel so different on January 22nd, says astronomer Esther van Herbeke. “The coming weeks promise to be very impressive.”

Did you have a feeling that 2023 hasn’t really started yet? And did many new plans or agreements fall into the water? That could certainly be the case, says astronomer Esther van Herbeke. “This is because Mercury was in retrograde from late December 2022 until January 18th, 2023. That is, the planet seemed to be moving in the opposite direction, or backwards. Mars was also retrograde until about January 12th.”

Astronomical New Year

Fortunately, good news is on the way. Because those who believe in astrology may notice a change from this weekend. “In the calendar, we know that January 1st is the beginning of a new year, but according to the orbits and positions of the planets, the beginning of 2023 actually starts tomorrow, so January 22nd.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ve felt tired, unmotivated, or lethargic over the past few weeks. “Even then, we were still busy closing last year, so the new year hadn’t really started yet. But many plans went to waste or you just didn’t have enough motivation,” the astrologer explains.


Thanks to the position of the planets, it promises to be a very productive, energetic, and impactful period.

Astrologer Esther van Herbeek

“However, today, January 21, is the first new moon of the year, which means the beginning of the new astronomical year,” says Van Herbeke. “This, coupled with two planets foreground and the beginning of the Chinese New Year tomorrow promises a very lively, fruitful and impactful period.”

“From Sunday, the Moon and planets will shift in such a way that you get more energy and desire to start something new. Or to start with a list of good intentions, no matter what you want to achieve,” says the astrologer. “It’s kind of a kick in the ass, so to speak, so that things will improve for you in the coming weeks. You will find new energy to achieve your goals.”

You have about eight weeks

But how long will this productive period last? Until mid-March, you can take advantage of this astronomical new year, says Van Herbeek. “If you want to achieve certain plans or goals, this is your chance. From Sunday, January 22nd, you will be fully supported in this matter by the energy of the planets and the New Moon, and thus you can give a full push forward.”

The astrologer assures that during this period, also listen carefully to your feelings and intuition. “If something doesn’t feel right, change your plans.”

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