December 8, 2023

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Why are there still invitations?

Why are there still invitations?

Spanish film director Santos Blanco He was embedded in the question of what appeals to young men and women today who step through the gates of a monastery to dedicate themselves to the service of God with a closed life. With financial support from DeClausura Foundation Which resulted in a great movie Liberace Where Blanco paints the lives of monks and nuns in 12 monasteries.

I got permission to photograph in these latter monasteries for the first time and to paint the life that takes place there. But what is even more extraordinary is that the people who live there have opened their souls to a camera crewsays the director. His film premiered in Spain on Friday. It will also be shown in cinemas in the United States and Latin America starting in the fall.

According to the DeClausura Foundation Is a film (2023, Bosco Films / Variopinto Producciones) part of a broader project, to discover the motives that prompted these monks and nuns to enter the monastery, to see what their daily life was like and to understand their inner life closely linked to nature and the outdoors.

Watch the official trailer for the movie.

source: Aleteia

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