March 24, 2023

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Why can Camila now become a queen

Why can Camila now become a queen

As the wife of King Charles III, Camilla will still be allowed to hold the title Queen Consort. This was arranged by Queen Elizabeth in the months leading up to her death.

Cedric Lagastesource: Special Reports

For a long time, Camilla was described in the British press as “Britain’s most hated woman.” She was blamed for the split between Charles and the hugely popular Diana Spencer. She was once pelted with sandwiches in a supermarket.

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When Charles and Camilla announced their engagement in 2005, it was decided that after a possible accession to the throne, they would be given the title of “Princess Consort” (Princess Consort) will wear. The British would never accept her as Queen.

But the British had time to get used to it. She has become more popular, in part because Prince William has made it clear that he has accepted it.

Queen Elizabeth published an open letter in February of this year, marking the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. expressed her wish.”That when that time comes, Camilla will be known as the Queen Consort as she continues her loyal service“.

Queen Consort, or Queen Consort as the title in the United Kingdom sounds, is the usual title for the wife of a British monarch sitting on the throne.