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Why did Phaedra reject Fabrizio’s rose and exit from the “Bachelor” itself: “He needs a submissive wife” |  television

Why did Phaedra reject Fabrizio’s rose and exit from the “Bachelor” itself: “He needs a submissive wife” | television

televisionDespite the fact that 21-year-old Phaedra Declercq got his first kiss from Fabrizio ‘The Bachelor’ Tzinaridis (29) their fairy tale didn’t last long. On Wednesday, viewers saw how Declercq rejected Fabrizio’s rose after he downplayed her. Phaedra no longer has a chance to score Fabrizio, though she doesn’t let that get to her heart: “Now I’m dating again,” she says in “Het Nieuwsblad.”

The rose party was a little different on Wednesday’s final episode than Fabrizio had planned. At first he said he did not understand how the relationship with the lady in question could suddenly change: “I don’t understand how we got that way,” Fabrizio said. “I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I hope to see a different side of you,” at which point he says the name Phaedra. The candidate steps forward and points out that she has been hurt by Fabrizio’s behavior. In the end, it was not accepted.

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A unique event in the history of “The Bachelor” but she does not regret it. Because of a previous toxic relationship in her past, she predetermined herself that she didn’t want to be pushed into a corner: “Then I decided that if I ever end up in such a situation again, I’d be removed from,” said Het Neusblad. “Certainly there in Greece. Why should I let someone I don’t know well put me down? “

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Despite the fact that the relationship between the two seemed very good at first, and according to fans and viewers, she sometimes had a chance to win, now there is no connection. She must have thought it was nothing more with Fabrizio than losing him, because she’s also letting you know that she’s now dating someone else.

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However, it seems that Fabrizio has completely given up on the blonde charm. The Flemish West only needed three episodes to faint: “Phaedra is the only episode I’m physically attracted to at the moment. She’s also one of the only girls who’ve ever dared to flirt with me,” Fabrizio said at the time. It has done so successfully. During her first solo date, Phaedra managed to impress The Bachelor so much that a kiss was inevitable. “When I look at these pictures now, I find it quite strange,” Vaidra said on Het Laatste Nieuws. “Fabrizio said he felt a few things with me, but I didn’t have that impression of myself. I had a hard time getting to know him, and of course I wasn’t the only woman there.”

I also knew this, because a few hours after their first kiss, Fabrizio decided to kiss another candidate: “I didn’t like it very much,” Fedra admitted. “Our kiss made me feel special. I never expected it to be for only four hours. Of course I’m not naive: we were there with many women, and they all wanted to take their chance at Fabrizio. Of course, something would happen to someone. But you don’t think it It will be soon. Talk about a dangerous effect on my ego.”

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