June 2, 2023

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Why did the images suddenly disappear from the videos of Ed Sheeran, the editors, and Romeo Elvis

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Ed Sheeran, editors, Twenty One Pilots, George Ezra and Romeo Elvis. These are just some of the big names joining a new Red Cross campaign to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

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“Video not available. To bring constant attention to the conflict in Ukraine, the Belgian Red Cross – Flanders and Romeo Elvis decided to remove images of the country from this music video. Just as many people and infrastructure are still at risk of disappearing today.”

You’ll get that message from today with Romeo Elvis’ “Malade” video, which was partially recorded in Ukraine. Same goes for Ed Sheeran’s “Second Step,” George Ezra’s “Paradise,” The Liberators’ “Frankenstein,” Rudimental’s “Never Let You Go,” Twenty One Pilots’ “Nico and the Niners,” Years & Years’ “Shine” and “Let This.” Happening” by Tammy Impala. Everywhere Ukrainian shots were removed.

With this work, the artists and the Belgian Red Cross in Flanders wish to ask for the “continued support and attention” of the victims of the war. “In a conflict zone, many people and places are still at risk of disappearing. It is our duty as a humanitarian organization to continue to assist all the victims. So, together with the eight artists, we would like to ask that this conflict, however long it has been going on, not be forgotten,” says spokesperson Joachim Demann. .

Anyone who wants help can go to www.rodekruis.be/ukraine Or contribute to account number BE53 0000 0000 5353.

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