December 8, 2023

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Why Disney's 'Encanto' is dominating the playing field: 'This movie shows daring'

Why Disney’s ‘Encanto’ is dominating the playing field: ‘This movie shows daring’

Disney didn’t even expect the song to be such a hit. If they had known, they would have sent that song to the Oscars. “Two kinds of songs in a Disney movie usually work well,” explains Robin Bruce, Disney expert and film journalist. “A song I want, in which the princess sings what she longs for. Like in the song Beauty and the Beast, where Belle sings that she wants to leave her village. Or the poem. It is not uncommon for these to be the songs that are repeated at the end of the credits. This is not the case with “Encanto.” “We’re not talking about Bruno” is a song that gets in your ears. I think it’s all about the scale. It’s a great find to have repeated that name so many times. In the long run you can’t help but sing.”

TikTok also has something to do with it. “The movie quickly moved onto their streaming platform Disney+, and quickly reached a wider audience. Young people started working with the song in TikTok videos. Add to that the perfect timing, during the Christmas season when everyone has more time, and you can see why The song’s soaring today.” On the Billboard Charts, the most important US list, she was at 4 – Frozen’s “Let it go” earpiece didn’t top 5th at the time.

The story seems to revolve around the classic Disney recipe: death and the character you must save others from. In Encanto, it is up to Mirabel to save her family from destruction. But there’s more to it: “Disney has invested heavily in diversity. The main character wears glasses and is colorful, and all the other characters are colorful too.”

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In the past, the film’s producer has received a lot of criticism for Disney princesses: They are said to be a lot of white, skinny and straight, and today the company seems to be catching up. They also cannot ignore the signals from the community. They also finally realized that there is a market for that as well. There is a large audience finally identifying themselves in the characters and a larger audience that attaches great importance to diversity.” A few weeks ago, an image of a Brazilian boy with dark curls, who had identified himself as Antonio, was still surfing the Internet with the hashtag #representationmatters.

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