February 9, 2023

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Why do you often see cars advancing quickly through a speed check

Why do you often see cars advancing quickly through a speed check

‘Hey! Well, you may have heard yourself yelling or thinking about the car when someone passed you too fast at the speed check. But not everyone who beats you by the speed limit will actually get you a fine at home. And no, they are not ordinary police cars. It’s best to look for margins in path control.

Especially if you are driving at 100 km/h on a table, you are not driving 100 km/h in practice. Each car has a small deflection, so it often drives a little slower. In our experience, the odometer deviation in modern cars is very small, but in fairly old cars (for example, fifteen years old) the deviation can be quite large. Especially if there are other wheels under it. up to 10 percent.

But even if you are driving at 100 km/h on GPS, you can still be overtaken. These people also are not necessarily fined. On the highway, the police have set a minimum fine. At 100, you only get a fine at 104 km/h. At 120 this equals 124 and Since this year the minimum is At 130 is also 134 km / h.

Here comes the reverse yaw for your car again

And then you have a 3 percent gauge correction for speeds over 100 km/h. We advise against doing this of course, but in practice you can drive through speed tests at a speed of 106 km / h on a GPS during the day without fines. So if your car has an odometer, these cars will pass 115 km/h on your meter.

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Road controls between the exit and the corridor

In the past, people would drive faster between speed checks on the A2. At the time, there was no measurement between the exit and the corridor. There, hurried drivers saw an opportunity to make up for some time. Nowadays, the motorway from Utrecht to Amsterdam is a big measure from the point where the lane control panel is.

Can you get multiple fines from one controller on the way?

If you are speeding in multiple sections