February 6, 2023

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Why does the Action retail chain drive these monster trucks? Mobility

The Action retail chain stocks its stores with trailers that look way above average. But why are they so big and why doesn’t everyone do it?

Action giant trucks are called “Double Deck Trailers” from the Dutch company Citizens. According to TopGear.nl, more than 1,200 of these trailers have already been delivered to Action and they have a two-store onboard stock as standard.

Not higher than the standard trailer

In fact, the 13.60m trailers are no higher than the standard trailers. The fact that it looks so big is because it keeps going downhill. In this way, goods can also be moved between the wheels. According to Burgers, in this way there is room for 52 Euro pallets or 41 so-called pallets in a three-axle version. That’s 60 percent more than a standard trailer.

Savings in carbon dioxide emissions

As a result, two Double Deck trailers make the equivalent of three standard trailers, according to the Dutch company. In this way, the investment in a double decker trailer is recovered within a year and about 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions are also saved.

Perfect racing trailer

In the case of Action, two roll containers approximately 1.80m high fit together. Platforms of the same height will also work. Due to the two floors, the trailer is also popular with racing teams. There are also other stores that use double-decker burgers, such as Zeeman. Burgers also sells trailers to laundries and postal companies abroad, such as bpost, among others, according to the Dutch company’s website.

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There are no long things

The fact that not everyone drives around with such huge trailers is because not every loading and unloading place is equipped for this type of trailer. Longer items are also difficult to transport. Then you lose efficiency because the parts between the wheels can’t be used optimally.