October 3, 2023

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Why Hermann Brusselmanns Is Now A Dad And A Big Studio Visitor: This Was The 'Smartest Person In The World'

Why Hermann Brusselmanns Is Now A Dad And A Big Studio Visitor: This Was The ‘Smartest Person In The World’

Last night’s winner:

Gert Mephrodt immediately showed why he was the smartest ruler of man. Intensive won his first match easily.


After two participations, the Astrid Stockman song has already been sung. In the final, you faced the sopranos – who else? – Bart Kanerts. He had to play the final fifth in a row. Does fatigue start?

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Monday’s new arrival:

On Thursday’s episode I asked a question in the video tour, the two of which are candidates: about foodForeword by Dinira Buchris Turksids.

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Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe: “Bart, your fourteenth time and you’re choosing a jacket with an owl on it?”

Bart Kanerts: “My clothes are gone. Twice more, and I’ll be here naked.”

Pedro Elias: “Play it at home, guys.”


Despair: “Gert loves the VRT newsreader. I’m jealous of him, because I’ve always been a fan of Martin Tanguy.”


Hermann Brusselmanns: “Like Astrid, I sang opera in my youth. Once I sang a loud song and my testicles torn. That’s why I’m only a father now. “


Proslems:(About the song Rhythm of the Night) “I danced to it a lot in a zillion. But I stopped because one of my testicles was torn.”


Van Lowe: “Is French kissing healthy, Geert?”

Geert Mevrudt: “Healthy or unhealthy, some things are so much fun you just can’t resist.”

Despair: Geert feels like he’s asking a question.


Van Lowe: “If you study medicine and hardly pass every subject, which doctor are you?”

Despair: Homeopathy.

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The most beautiful moment:

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Nobody knows the meaning of the term race.”Potato chase“Fortunately, Sep Vanmarcke was in the audience. The professional cyclist came to see his wife Han and offered his hand.”Potato chase He’s a runaway rider who’s overtaken by Peloton again.”


1. Bart Kanerts (15 episodes)

2. Jonas Gernert (5 episodes)

3 – Lisbeth Van Impey (4 episodes)

4. Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

5 – Gil Clemens (4 episodes)