July 19, 2024

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Why is a US invasion of The Hague possible after the criminal court verdict?

Why is a US invasion of The Hague possible after the criminal court verdict?

InternationalMay 21 ’24 at 3:00 PMAuthor of the book: Aaron Lupatti

It may sound crazy, but the attack on the hack by the US has never been the same as it is now. And it has angered Republicans in the United States because of a request by a prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It may sound crazy, but the attack on the hack from America has never been as close as it is now. (ANP / Niko Garstmann)

It is precisely hard-liners within the Republican Party who are threatening action against the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. Even before it was known that Netanyahu would be prosecuted, only rumors were circulating, and hard-liners in the US Senate were already warning of sanctions against the ICC. In a letter, the senators told lawyer Karim Khan that ‘if Israel becomes a target, the ICC will also become a target’. They mainly insist that employees pay the price. “We will deny your employees and you and your family members entry into the United States.”

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Twelve senators signed the letter, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell. Not only did they warn of sanctions against those involved in the ICC, they also cited a notorious law called ‘US Servicemembers Protection Act‘. The law was introduced by then-President Bush in 2002 because of his hatred of the ICC. The law attempts to protect Americans who may fall into the ICC’s crosshairs. The United States does not recognize the Criminal Court itself.

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Colloquially, it is known as ‘law’Hack Invasion Act‘, or Hack Invasion Act. Its purpose is to use the law to prevent countries that actively cooperate in prosecuting Americans or allies by the ICC. Indeed, the law states that the President of the United States is ‘authorized to use any means necessary and appropriate to secure the release of any person’. Invading a country to liberate Americans and people from allies is never ruled out. Then-Senator Joe Biden — now the president of the United States — was among those who voted for the law in 2002.

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Israeli advocacy group Shurat Hadin It also called on Biden to use the law against the ICC. The organization does this in partnership with two hundred Israeli lawyers. US Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (Republican) has already indicated that he wants to explore options for removing ICC staff ‘in the absence of leadership from the White House’. to punish. “If the ICC can threaten Israeli leaders, our leaders are next,” Johnson said.