December 5, 2022

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#DrTechGirl: waarom is BeReal ineens zo populair?

Why is BeReal suddenly so popular? – TechGirl

Suddenly there is a lot of talk about a new app: BeReal. Dr. TechGirl dives into what makes this app worthwhile and immediately tests whether it’s true. This either saves you a download, or it gives you a great new social medium.

Every time someone says something is going to be an “Instagram killer,” we take it with caution. It’s the same as Telegram and WhatsApp: Telegram is very useful, but many people don’t change that because others just stick to WhatsApp. Facebook too: It’s been an online diary business for many years and they just don’t want to get rid of it.

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be realistic

BeReal is as much as dr. TechGirl isn’t really a killer: they can exist side by side. Perhaps that is what makes it so successful. It does everything Instagram doesn’t and vice versa. You’re not supposed to post every meal. There are also no filters, you don’t have to rely on likes and it’s an app that only asks for your attention once a day.

The latter is because BeReal is all about taking a photo within two minutes after the moderator sends the notification. After that, you immediately have to photograph what is happening in front of you, but a selfie is also taken. While many of the BeReal images are very homey due to all the corona outbreaks and measures, it’s a great medium. It kind of depicts your life in a diary-like way, but maybe not at all the way you want it to. There are also all kinds of messages on Twitter from people who got the daily report at exactly the wrong time: “All day at Efteling, I’m in the parking lot, the call comes in!”

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You can (re)learn how to take selfies

It’s pretty funny how the app works, especially because you’re getting better along the way. At first, you keep forgetting that another selfie is coming, and soon you get double-chin selfies from Ursula the Sea Witch. However, it continues to improve. This is useful, because if you make BeReal work, people will be able to see it. You are not supposed to return BeReal. It’s about raw materials, unpolished, so you can’t do a few “shots” first.

The nice thing is that you use BeReal with your friends and less with strangers (if there is some kind of For You section available). You won’t be able to see your friends’ photos if you don’t submit a photo yourself, so BeReal is very strict. But honestly, it’s refreshing. It forces you to look at social media in a completely different way and we may be ready for that after more than a decade. So called: This has already been proven, because the application is the talk of the day, especially with certain groups of friends. The doctor agrees, although of course it’s up to you whether you agree with the app’s privacy policy.