December 2, 2022

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Why is triple bull ending so rare in darts?  'Actually it's not done' |  darts

Why is triple bull ending so rare in darts? ‘Actually it’s not done’ | darts

ox. ox. ox. Simon Whitlock heard the Dutch Open Darts Championship go crazy yesterday by limiting his match to three darts in a bull’s-eye. A wonderful shot that we rarely see. Darts expert, Eric Claris, explains why.

Simon Whitlock “The Wizard” was 150 points away from beating Swede Daniel Larsson at the Dutch Darts Open yesterday. Most quarters immediately think of a check-out route through Triple 20, but the eccentric Whitelock chose the rare bull bull.

“You rarely see the exits during matches,” Eric Clariss said. “In the world of darts, such a shot is often considered disrespectful. When you have three darts in your hand, you usually sacrifice one darts to go for an easy double. Shooting straight into a bull’s eye is actually a thing.” empty

Still getting out of the account where you have to throw in different numbers is more difficult.

Eric Clariss

The shot is also not too difficult, according to Clarisse.

“Of course it’s harder than 180. The bull’s eye area is simply smaller than the triple 20 area. However, still drag where you have to throw different numbers is more difficult. Eye, so you have very good guidelines.”

“Finish 141 – triple 20, triple 19, double 12 – has a higher level of difficulty in my opinion. Especially if you’re about to throw a 9 quad.”

Watch Simon Whitlock’s cool trick here