February 5, 2023

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Why you shouldn't buy iPhone SE now

Why you shouldn’t buy iPhone SE now

Planning to buy an iPhone SE? that’s cool! However, we advise you to postpone the purchase for a while. this is the reason.

Continue reading after the announcement.

Now is a bad time to buy an iPhone SE

Apple Inc. Traditions. For example, September is (almost) always iPhone month. This fall, we expect Apple to unveil four new devices: iPhone 14And iPhone 14 MaxAnd iPhone 14 Pro in a iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the company also releases new devices in between. This last happened in 2020. Then the company released a file iPhone SE 2020 From. Its predecessor comes from 2016 so it was time for a big upgrade.

All the rumors are pointing out that Apple will be releasing a new model of iPhone SE this year. Good thing too, because the former can get an update again, as you can read about in Review-Update iPhone SE 2020. We hear in the corridors that the device will be announced at the end of April or perhaps the beginning of May.

Leaked image of the iPhone SE 2022.

iPhone SE 2022 around the corner

The network about the iPhone SE (the 2022 edition) has started to close, because the device is already official Registered in the inspection services. also The design is already on the streetas well as some specifications.

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If you are currently in the market for a new iPhone, this is very important information. You can save a lot of money by delaying your purchase for a few months. A drop in prices for older models usually occurs after a successor is announced.

And if you’re not doing it for the money, you’re doing it for the phone itself. All rumors point to the iPhone SE 2022 getting many improvements, so it would be a shame to buy a lower quality device now (iPhone SE starting in 2020).

Release in April of Mi

If the rumors are true, Apple will announce the new iPhone SE in late April or early May. This may happen during an event (online), or simply via a press release (as happened with the iPhone SE 2020).

So our advice is simple. Don’t have one now? New iPhone Do you need and can you muster some patience? Then wait until the successor to the iPhone SE 2020 is announced. If the new model is disappointing, you can always buy the 2020 version.

Is it unwise to buy the iPhone SE 2020 now? No definitely not. When you simply need a new iPhone now and iPhone 12 From iPhone 13 Too expensive for you, with iPhone SE 2020 you get an excellent (and affordable) device. True, the timing is somewhat unfortunate, because the caliphate is about to expire.

iPhone SE 2022 render

This is what we expect from the iPhone SE 2022

To get straight to the point: it looks like the iPhone SE 2022 will have exactly the same design as its predecessor. Recently, a photo of a doll was leaked. So get ready for a compact device with a 4.7-inch display (Retina display) and a home button (for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner).

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Under the hood, the new iPhone SE will likely be powered by the A15 Bionic. We know this fast chip from the iPhone 13 family and has support for 5G internet, for example. Rumor has it that a file iPhone SE 2022 Priced at 489 euros. If you choose more storage, the price will of course go up.

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