March 28, 2023

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Will 2023 be a year without fines? 5 tips to avoid small speeding fines | camel

It’s very annoying and often surprisingly expensive: fines for slight speeding because you weren’t paying attention behind the wheel. With these five tips, you could theoretically make it to 2023 for free.

1. Order a car with a head-up display

In times of strict enforcement of speed, this is a valuable investment that can pay for itself quickly, because with a number of brands you already have one for less than 1000 euros: the head-up display. This allows you to constantly see the current speed on the windshield of the vehicle. This way you keep an eye on the top speed and you don’t drive too fast because you don’t have to look at the speedometer on the dashboard. There are also aftermarket kits for sale and some applications can do this as well (See point 5).

2. Use of limiters and cruise control

Today, even small cars are often equipped with cruise control. Not only can you use it to maintain a steady pace and thus avoid fines, cruise control usually also has a speed limiting function: if you accelerate too much, it automatically limits the speed. The limiter automatically turns off at full throttle only.

3. Beware of the new car with a speedometer

If you assume that the speedometer on new cars also indicates a significant 10 percent increase, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. It may indeed deviate by up to 10 percent plus 4 km / h (which in theory means 16 km / h is too much at 120), but it is not necessary. Current speedometers often deviate by 2 to 4 km/h instead of 4 to 7 km/h as in the past. Indeed, depending on the size of the tire or rim, the speed can sometimes completely correspond to reality. You can detect deviation yourself using an app like flash masterwhich indicates the actual speed based on the GPS system with complete accuracy.

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4. Choose a vehicle with traffic sign recognition

The best advice to avoid getting fines is of course not to drive too fast, but this is very difficult in our country with often varying speeds. Cars with traffic sign recognition usually know how fast you can drive. They also often have a speed limit warning system: the speed limit flashes or lights displayed on the screen, or even an audible warning sounds. Advantage: You can only get a car warning if you exceed, say, 5 km/h when you know your speedometer deviates by 5 km/h. A disadvantage is that errors in recognizing boundary marks are not uncommon. By the way, some modern systems can automatically adopt the maximum speed as the cruise control speed, or do it on demand.

5. Download an app that warns about checks

Of course we don’t give this advice to pressing the throttle at points where you are not, but it does help to pay extra attention to your speed at a point where checks are being made. This is possible with different traffic applications, such as flash master And Waze. These apps also warn of other things, like when emergency services with flashing lights and sirens are nearby. There is often a warning of overrun. Some speedometer apps can also be reversed and thus act as a head-up display. Search the App Store for “HUD” for apps that can do this.

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