June 5, 2023

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Will Bagotn Land lose at least 12 million euros?

Under “Discover for You,” we at Persinfo will take a closer look at a number of issues from the region. We start with the agricultural landscape of Bagutinland. You can read the introductory article and a number of other contributions on this topic from earlier this week. We solicited feedback from the mayors of the seven municipalities, regional and civil society organizations involved, and a number of Pajutins who have supported the region for years. Opinions matter and we’re happy to share them. Also important is the support associated with the project. And for a Flemish park, the Flemish government has some resources in its portfolio. A landscape garden approved by Flanders receives just under €500,000 per year for 24 years. In total, that’s just under 12 million euros. The area should match this by 20 percent. Then you end up with more than 14 million euros. Hence the district has the opportunity, or task, to seek additional resources for additional projects. Support goes to the actions that the district puts into action and operation plan.

Before an area receives approval to operate as a nature park, a master plan and an operating plan must be developed. If the file is accepted for your area, the masterplan approval is valid for 24 years. Every six years, a new operational plan with actions is expected from the Flemish government.

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It is the “Landscape Coalition” of municipal authorities, civil society and regional organizations, together with the prefecture, that has been working on the plans for a year. Pagottenland’s agricultural landscape has one central ambition: Working together on a sustainable farm landscape where farming, nature, and Pajotse’s unique identity reinforce each other.

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The master plan includes four strategic axes. There are three main axes: Productive landscapes, landscapes, and vibrant landscapes. All three focus on the multifunctional use of space. The dynamics present in Pajottenland will be further built on and winning for all target groups will be key. Cooperation is necessary to achieve the development of the region in the coming years. Or as the songwriters call it: integrated methodAnd this is the fourth issue. The landscape garden seeks a strong landscape alliance, even after approval.

Agriculture occupies an important place under the heading of “productive landscapes”. “Landscape” actually speaks for itself. Through “vibrant landscapes”, experience, lively villages, dynamic display valorisation, and finally the area’s accessible sustainable accessibility comes into the picture.

What will Pagotenland miss if it is not presented?

Flanders funds a maximum of 80 percent of the personnel, operating and project costs of the park office. On an annual basis, the maximum Flemish subsidy can be €489,000 to a landscaped garden. This is the amount if the park office has 4 employees. Maybe only three employees are approved for the park and then it comes down to less subsidy. The remaining 20 percent, €122,250, is matched by local authorities or comes from European partners or from the private sector. Over 24 years, we are talking about 11,736,000 euros in Flemish resources and 2,934,000 euros in financing from municipalities, Europe or private partners.

Moreover, it is logical that he does not stop at these structural subsidies from Flanders. The park office can seek additional resources through other support channels to implement additional projects.

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Landscape garden and leader

If you look at the documents, you will see a plan that can be compared to Leader’s Local Development Strategy. Leader has also been a support channel for more than twenty years that most of the rural areas of Pajottenland can connect with. With Leader, the subsidies are much lower and the project executors must contribute 35 percent themselves.

Via the link below, you can access summary information about landscape garden approval, legal framework, finances, municipal authorities, park office and a separate information pack on landscape garden planting.

CAP process (vlm.be)

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