December 1, 2022

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Will Boris Johnson's throne fluctuate?  British Prime Minister risks vote of confidence |  abroad

Will Boris Johnson’s throne fluctuate? British Prime Minister risks vote of confidence | abroad

More and more members of Boris Johnson’s party are turning against the British prime minister. British media have reported that at least 20 Conservative MPs will introduce a vote of no confidence in their leader today, which could lead to a vote of confidence and even Johnson’s eventual resignation. The requirement is that at least 54 Conservatives submit a motion. Analyzes in the British media show that this threshold can be met.

Johnson lost his credibility over an affair he dubbed “the party gateway.” This scandal revolves around a number of parties that Johnson and his cohorts threw while the country was in lockdown. This includes a garden party at his official 10 Downing Street residence in May 2020, during the first shutdown.

The prime minister claims he was unaware that the garden party violated procedures in place at the time, but according to his former adviser Dominic Cummings, this is a lie. Johnson defended himself yesterday, insisting it was a business meeting. However, many party members believe that the prime minister should resign if it turns out that he actually lied. A senior official has now launched an investigation.

red wall

Ministers such as Nadim Zahawi from the Ministry of Education and Rishi Sunak from the Ministry of Finance stress the importance of waiting for the outcome of the investigation, but not everyone in the conservative party feels this way. According to the Telegraph, at least 20 MPs will today introduce a vote of no confidence in the chair of the “1922 Committee”, the Conservative party’s parliamentary faction in the House of Commons. These are parliamentarians from the so-called ‘red wall’: districts that traditionally vote Labour, but went to the Conservatives in the 2019 election. Ironically, they were the ones who helped Johnson achieve a resounding election victory three years ago.

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In order for a vote of confidence to take place, at least 54 of the 360 ​​Conservative MPs in the House of Commons (15 percent) must pass a vote of no confidence. According to BBC Public Radio, this threshold can be met. An analysis by The Times also shows that 58 of his party colleagues openly criticized him. The motions are confidential, so only the Chairman of the 1922 Committee knows exactly how many motions have been written. He must report when the minimum is reached.


If the threshold is effectively reached, a secret vote of confidence follows. Johnson must then get at least half of the votes to stay in the saddle (180 votes). If he wins, he is immune from leadership elections for a year, because they are only allowed to be held once a year.

If he does not succeed, Johnson will have to resign as Prime Minister and the Conservatives will have to search for a new leader. This task takes place in several rounds. First, everyone can apply, after which a number of rounds of voting follow until two candidates remain. In the end, cross-Dan party members must vote for which of the two they can present themselves.

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